HP Printer Connected To WiFi But Offline: 3 Fixes

hp printer connected to wifi but offline
hp printer connected to wifi but offline

Hewlett-Packard or also just known as HP is a famous American company. They are mostly known for manufacturing hardware-related products. These include mice, keyboards, computer systems, and even laptops. There are tons of options given to the user from which they can select a device of their choice. Each of these is equipped with numerous features to help you out.

The printers made by the brand have amazing durability and performance. This makes them one of the best options to go for. Even setting these up can be easy. Though, there are still some problems that you can get on these printers which can be quite annoying to deal with.

Recently, people have been reporting that their HP printer is connected to Wi-Fi but is still offline. If you are also getting this problem then here are some ways that will help you out in fixing it.

HP Printer Connected To WiFi But Offline

  1. Set Printer Configurations to Online

The HP Printer is designed to allow users to connect it to their internet. After which they can send information and make prints for it wirelessly. However, there is also a feature that allows you to keep the device in offline mode. This is usually disabled by default, but you might have enabled it by accident. Alternatively, someone in your home might have changed these.

Whatever the case might be, disabling the setting again should allow you to connect your device back to the internet. Start by opening up your computer system. Now make sure that both your printer and system are connected to the same network. After this, you can proceed to open up the control panel. Browse through it to locate devices and select ‘printers and faxes’ from here.

This should open up the list of devices that you have connected to your system. You can then select your printer to access all the information about it. Scroll down the menu to find numerous features for your device. Disable the ‘Use Printer Offline’ tab and save the changes. You might have to reboot the printer after this to ensure that there are no problems with it. Finally, you should now be able to start using your printer with your internet connection.

  1. Install Drivers Again

Sometimes the problem can be in the configuration files of your drivers. The HP printers have applications that are specifically designed for each of the models. People can install the wrong application in some cases, alternatively, there can be a problem with the installation process. The best method to get rid of this issue is by re-installing the drivers. You can uninstall the files for your current program from the control panel.

Once you are done with this, go to the folder where you installed the program and delete any files that are remaining. These need to be removed manually or you will keep getting the same error. Now proceed to open up the main website for HP printers. You can search for the exact model of your device here. This should list all the drivers for it along with any updates that have recently come out. Select the ones for your device and download them to your system. Once the installation is complete, restart your PC to fix the issue.

  1. Check Internet Connection

Finally, if the problem persists then you should check the status of your internet connection. Many people have reported that the issue was from their network instead of the device. This is exactly why you should check if the speeds for your connection are fine. Try using your network on some other device and see if the internet is showing results.

You can then run a speed test on it to get the result of your connection. If you notice that the speeds are slow near your printer then there might be a problem with the signals. You can move the position for your router and place it closer to the printer. This should allow it to get better strength on the signals without any interruption. For people who cannot change the location of their router, they can install a separate device closer to their printer instead. This way the range of your Wi-Fi signals will spread throughout your home.

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