8 Quick Steps to Set Up a Mesh Network with Starlink

how to set up a mesh network with starlink
how to set up a mesh network with starlink

The Starlink Mesh router system is an excellent investment for increasing the speed and capacity of your satellite network. The system provides numerous benefits, and connecting the Mesh nodes to your primary Starlink creates an optimized and consistent network for your home.

Starlink Mesh routers have simple installation and setup procedures, but they can be frustrating if not configured correctly. Since you have all been asking how to set up a Mesh network with Starlink, we will go over some steps to accomplish this.

How to Set Up a Mesh Network with Starlink?

The setup of a Starlink Mesh router is not difficult, but you must ensure that your initial or primary Starlink is completely and successfully configured. Mesh Wi-Fi is not a standalone system; rather, it sits on top of a primary base network connection. Once you’ve confirmed the successful setup of your initial Starlink, you can proceed with the steps below to create a Mesh network with Starlink.

  1. First, you must find a suitable location for your Mesh nodes. For optimal performance, your system must maintain a strong connection with the Starlink and the Mesh router.
  2. The location for your Mesh nodes should be one or two rooms apart. Make sure there isn’t too much space between them, as this can jeopardize the connection.
  3. Now that your Mesh nodes and router are in place, it’s time to set up your Mesh system. However, you must first ensure that you have the rectangular Starlink model, as Mesh nodes are incompatible with the circular Starlink.
  4. Once all of the equipment and compatibility issues have been settled, try plugging the Mesh node into an AC power outlet.
  5. Now, launch the previously installed Starlink app and wait a few moments.
  6. Click the Pair button when the Pair New Mesh Node option appears in your app.
  7. The Network screen will display a Connecting message.
  8. If you have more than one Mesh node, repeat the process until all of your nodes are linked to the Starlink.

This is how you will set up your Mesh node system. As previously stated, the Mesh nodes are plug and play, making it simple for users to install them in their homes. Since users have complained about not receiving the pair option while connecting to the Mesh node, this can occur when your Mesh nodes are too far apart. As a result, try moving your Mesh nodes closer to the router and pairing again. If the connection fails again, you may be using an outdated version of the Starlink application.

Although the Mesh Starlink system has limitations, if you are having trouble connecting to the Mesh network, make sure you are not adding Mesh nodes to an existing third-party Mesh system. Also, avoid connecting to the Mesh network directly and instead wait for the app to connect. You can now rename your Mesh system to distinguish it from the base network.

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