How To Pair The Netgear Powerline Adapter (4 Quick Steps)

how to pair netgear powerline adapters
how to pair netgear powerline adapters

Netgear is a known name in the internet industry, and in addition to amazing routers and modems, the company has launched a variety of powerline adapter kits. These kits are designed with a wall-plug design and utilize the current electrical wiring to extend the internet access and support gigabit internet for improved internet coverage. However, to achieve the right coverage, one needs to pair the adapters properly. So, let’s see how to pair Netgear powerline adapters!

How To Pair The Netgear Powerline Adapter

The powerline adapters are designed to offer an alternative way of extending the network. One can simply plug two or more adapters into the power outlet for creating a wired connection. In addition, a Wi-Fi access point can be used to add the wireless access point to the wired network. In one network, Netgear allows the users to add over eight adapters. Now, let’s check out the instructions to complete the pairing process;

  1. Connect the new adapters to a power outlet
  2. Wait for the plug A to get lit, including all the LEDs
  3. Now, use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect to the new Wi-Fi network created by the powerline adapters. As far as the SSID and password are concerned, they are already added to the adapter’s label
  4. And done!

This is all you have to do to install the powerline adapters because they are designed with the plug-in feature. However, remember that these instructions only include the network setup and you will need to customize the security and network settings according to your preferences. Also, you must not plug the powerline adapters to surge protectors, power strips, or extension cords as they disturb the electrical signals, resulting in installation errors.

Adding The Adapters

In case you want to add more adapters to the network, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  1. Connect the adapter to the power outlet (use the outlet where you want internet access)
  2. In case you are using the private password, hit the security button on the adapter (use the adapter that’s already connected to the network) for two seconds. Then, hold the security button on a new adapter for two seconds

Keep in mind that you have to press both these buttons within two minutes. However, you must take the adapters off the power-saving mode before adding the third adapter.

Customizing The Network Settings

Now that your adapter setup and pairing are complete, you can start customizing the network settings according to your preferences. To change the settings, open a web browser on the device that’s connected to the wireless network, open, and follow the on-screen prompts. When you are asked to log in, add “admin” in the username and password fields.

The Bottom Line

The setup and pairing processes are extremely convenient, but if you have any issues, it’s recommended to ensure an uninterrupted power connection because they must be connected to the power source properly. Moreover, always try to connect the network devices in one power outlet (don’t use power extensions).

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