Comparing Ethernet To DSL

ethernet to dsl
ethernet to dsl

Over these years, internet availability has become essential. This is because even the smallest tasks demand an internet connection. There are multiple internet technologies available, and DSL is one of them. To create the DSL internet infrastructure, an ethernet network and cables are used. The ethernet cables are used to make connections with the computer, but they are completely different technologies. Ethernet cables are used to connect the computers locally, i.e., in-home or office.


Ethernet has become a standard option for the homes and offices, but it has high deployment costs. This is why it’s not the most practical solution out there. In addition, the ethernet cables have twisted copper wire pairs. With the ethernet, there is a huge plug. However, nothing is interchangeable. In contrast, the ethernet system provides different internet speeds, depending upon the technology. For instance, the standard ethernet provides 10 Mbps, and fast ethernet provides 100 Mbps. Also, the gigabit ethernet provides an internet speed of around 1 GB per second.


In contrast, DSL is used for connecting the computer to the internet. They use the copper telephone lines and a modem. The modem will connect the modem to the network interface card of the computer through the ethernet cable. However, the cables used are similar, the copper wiring. But the DSL utilizes the same old phone plug. DSL offers speed ranging from 768 Kbps to 7 Mbps. With DSL, the users will be able to access fast internet connections even with telephone lines.

They don’t interrupt the phone and voice service. The internet signals are provided through the phone line to the computer. However, the computer’s link with the modem is created through other means.

Does Phone Line Matter?

The DSL signals travel through the telephone service wires and are initiated with phone cords and lines. The cord is added to the phone jack (same as the receiver). The cord will create a connection between modem and jack. However, if you are going to use the phone as well, the DSL filter can be installed to ensure there are clear voice and internet signals available.

Ethernet Cable

These cables have become the most used method of designing and implementing the connection between modem and computer. The ethernet cables will quickly transfer the information and data packets because they can cater to multiple frequencies. The ethernet cable will ensure strong signals even over farther distances. The ethernet cable is integrated into the modem’s back, and for computers, the port is available at the back of the computer.

USB Cable

Some computer screens don’t have ethernet ports. For such an issue, the USB cable can be used. The connection speed majorly depends on the cable’s capabilities or technology. USB 2.0 is an amazing choice with a fast internet speed of ethernet cables. The internet speed and access will be better than the dial-ups as well. The USB cable is added to the USB port of the modem. However, the other end is added to the USB port of the computer.


The DSL modems can provide fast internet signals. Most of them have wireless routers without any need for additional connections. However, if the wireless adapter isn’t available with built-in features, you might need to invest in it separately.

Comparing Ethernet To DSL

The ethernet cards can connect to the computer bus, and there are two flavors available. For instance, one flavor provides 10 Mbps, while the other one provides 100 Mbps. The cables (ethernet) can provide data transfer faster to 10 Mbps. If you need faster internet performance, ethernet cables and cards can be used as they have around 100 Mbps speed.

The ethernet cable offers a more consistent outlook because it’s designed to focus on the network traffic. However, if you are using ethernet cables and cards, the installation will be much easier. To install the ethernet card, you need to open the casing. In contrast, the DSL will be installed with the help of an internet service provider. Even if you do it yourself, it will only take a few minutes.

The Bottom Line

Choosing between ethernet and DSL is solely the internet speed preference. In addition, the installation process will deeply impact the decision. All in all, ethernet seems an apt choice for personal or small office needs, while DSL is perfect for creating a connection between computer and phone.

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