How To Reset The Zyxel Powerline Adapter (2 Easy Methods)

how to reset zyxel powerline adapter
how to reset zyxel powerline adapter

The Zyxel powerline adapters have gained popularity in the industry since they are designed well and promise seamless network extension. The best thing about these powerline adapters is the plug-based connection as you don’t need to connect more wires – just plug the adapter into the socket and it will extend the wired internet connection. However, there are instances when the adapter stops working and only a reset can help. So, let’s check out the reset process!

How To Reset The Zyxel Powerline Adapter

A reset is one of the most reliable ways of optimizing the internet connection and fixing the errors that are hindering the network extension. This is because a reset helps fix the software glitches and settings-related errors to make sure the connection is error-free. So, if you are ready to reset the powerline adapters and don’t know the right steps to take, we have the step-by-step guide mentioned below;

1. Hardware Method

As the name suggests, you will use the reset button on the adapter to revert the device to its factory settings;

  1. Look for the reset button on the adapter
  2. Take a pin or some other pointed object to press the reset button for ten seconds
  3. When all the LEDs on your adapter start blinking, that’s when the reset is completed

Keep in mind that the reset button’s location varies with the adapter’s model, so you may have to look around. On the contrary, when the reset is complete, you can reconnect the devices by performing a reset.

2. Utility Method

In case you don’t want to follow the hardware method, you can open the utility tool of Zyxel and follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the reset;

  1. Open the Zyxel utility
  2. Go to the administrator tab
  3. Tap on the restore button
  4. As a result, a window will appear on the screen notifying that the reset process will take a few minutes, so press the “yes” button
  5. Now, just wait for the reset process to complete

When the reset process is done, you can simply connect/plug the adapter to the electrical outlet and it will turn on. Then, use your device to connect to the Zyxel-based Wi-Fi network and use the default password to create a connection again.

Now that you know the right way of resetting the powerline adapter, it’s better that you know its other functions as well. The reset button also allows the users to create a secure powerline connection with other powerline devices. In addition, it helps set up a new network and you can separate the current powerline network into multiple networks.

The Bottom Line

The reset is the best way of deleting the incorrect settings. This is important because incorrect settings can result in internet connectivity errors and dropping connections. In some cases, the adapter fails to power on but a factory reset can solve the majority of errors. However, if you still have some issues with the powerline adapter, it’s better to contact Zyxel customer support at 800-245-9299 or you can send an email at [email protected].

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