5 Troubleshooting Tips For ZyXEL Powerline Problem

zyxel powerline problem
zyxel powerline problem

ZyXEL is a well-known name in the powerline adapter industry and it’s a great way of extending the wired internet connection from one corner of the home to another without installing more cable. In particular, it transforms the power sockets into network connection ends for improving internet access. However, there is the chance of facing a ZyXEL powerline problem and you should know how to resolve them.

5 Common ZyXEL Powerline Problem

1. The Devices Are Not Syncing

When it comes down to ZyXEL powerline devices, they are designed with standby modes that put the devices in sleep mode if the Ethernet port isn’t used for too long. So, make sure that the devices connected to the Ethernet ports are turned on to ensure they are linked. Keep in mind that sleep mode is the biggest reason why devices don’t sync with each other.

In addition to this, it’s recommended that you plug the devices into the same power outlets as it helps rule out the connectivity errors. On the other hand, if the devices are still not syncing, you need to reset the powerline adapter to factory default settings. You can consult the manual for reset instructions. Last but not least, if nothing is working, there are chances of a mechanical fault, so call ZyXEL customer support for technical assistance – they can help determine if something is wrong with the adapter’s internal components.

2. The Third Adapter Is Not Working

In the majority of cases, people use a pair of powerline adapters to create an extended network connection. However, if the home is too big, some people add a third adapter as well. On the contrary, if the third adapter is not working, you must ensure that the new adapter is utilizing the same HomePlug technology as the previous two adapters.

Many people don’t understand this but HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug AV are different technologies and aren’t compatible. In simpler words, they cannot co-exist in a network. For this reason, you must ensure the technology, and if you are using an adapter with different technology, the only solution is to get it replaced. If the third adapter is in warranty, you might be able to get a free exchange if you explain the solution to customer support.

Last but not least, if the powerline adapters were programmed to utilize encryption, it can negatively impact the syncing capability. For this reason, you need to connect the computer to a PLA device and set the network name to match the current network setup.

3. Upstairs Adapter Is Not Communicating With the Downstairs Adapter

The previous versions of HomePlug technology fail to communicate with some electrical circuits. The problem was fixed by increasing the carrier frequency – it helped transmit the signals through neutral conduction. In simpler words, the communication error happens when you are using the powerline adapter with an older technology version. For this reason, it’s recommended that you shift to an AV2 MIMI adapter as it is integrated with ground conduction that doubles the data and network coverage.

4. Slow Transfer Speeds

For people who are getting the transfer speeds slower than the advertised speed, the most common reason is the bad home wiring. Remember that advertised speed can define the physical connection between the actual speed throughput and varies with the apps and computer resources. The first solution is to check the home wiring.

This is because some powerline adapters utilize a three-leg prong to achieve maximum speed. So, if your home doesn’t have grounding, it won’t be able to achieve full speed. Secondly, you need to ensure that you are using the correct Ethernet cable – it’s better to opt for a two-pair or four-pin cable as it helps maximize the connection.

5. Not Powering Up

If the ZyXEL powerline adapter is not turning on, the first step is to unplug it from the electrical outlet, wait for a few minutes, and plug it into the electrical outlet again. It is likely to regulate the performance of the adapter. However, if the problem persists, you must connect a device to the Ethernet port to ensure the standby mode isn’t enabled.

In case you are unable to fix some problem, you can contact customer support at 800-255-4101 for assistance.

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