ZyXEL AV2000 Powerline Kit Review – Good Value For Money?

zyxel av2000 powerline kit review
zyxel av2000 powerline kit review

When it comes down to advanced wireless routers, they promise reasonable coverage. In fact, a router with a mesh system can cover the office buildings. However, there are times when internet coverage is just not good enough, given the physical obstructions and metal objects. For this purpose, a powerline adapter is recommended to extend the local network to any corner with the help of a power outlet. Since this method of network extension is new, it can be challenging to find a reliable powerline adapter, which brings us to the ZyXEL AV2000 Powerline Kit review!

ZyXEL AV2000 Powerline Kit Review

ZyXEL is one of the known brands when it comes down to powerline adapters and the AV2000 kit is one of the best ones they have launched to date. It’s designed to offer high-speed performance since it is based on the Broadcom chips. In addition, it comes with various extras, so you can use it as a pass-through electrical outlet – this means that you don’t need a wall outlet. The kit comes with dual Ethernet ports, which means you can use one adapter to connect two devices to the network.

As far as the compatibility is concerned, it has been integrated with the AV2 MIMO chipset, so it should work with the majority of adapters. It offers a TCP throughput of over 350Mbps. The company provides a single Ethernet cable with every adapter and it’s around 56 inches. The unit is bulky and large but you can connect to the bottom socket without disturbing the connection of other devices – you will be able to connect a regular plug on the top socket.

Since there is a pass-through outlet, higher speed gains, and a second Ethernet port, you can depend on this kit for your media center, particularly if you have a hard time with Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that the kit hasn’t been certified by the HomePlug Alliance, even if there is an AV label. With this kit, you will be able to connect over sixteen devices on the same network and you can use the installation guide for setting it up – the guide comes with the kit.


The powerline kit has been designed with a glossy aesthetic and has a white color – it is an extremely compact kit but the design is pretty easy to use and there are no compromises on the operations. It weighs around 0.5lb, which means it will be a bit heavier and bulkier as compared to other powerline adapters in the market. However, the weight could be because of a pass-through outlet that has been built into the device.

Having said that, even if the kit obstructs the outlet, you will be able to use the power socket for other devices as well, promising utmost convenience. On the bottom of ZyXEL AV2000, you will see two Ethernet ports right beside the reset button. In fact, the reset button has been integrated with 128-bit AES encryption to ensure seamless security. As far as the connectivity is concerned, you don’t need to be worried about connecting more than one Ethernet device.

The adapter has been integrated with a cheater plug – it is basically a three-prong plug. On the front side of this unit, there are three LED indicators added, including powerline, Ethernet, and power. The powerline indicator shares information about the most suitable outlet for plugging in the adapter to ensure top-notch performance. In case the LED indicator is green, you will achieve the most reasonable link rates.

Performance & Setup

The setup process is incredibly easy and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s like all other adapters. For instance, you can connect the unit to the router with an Ethernet cable and connect it to the wall. You can follow the same steps for a second unit but connect it to the Ethernet device this time. Keep in mind that the Ethernet cables are short, so you will need new cables if you’ve to put them farther away. As far as the performance is concerned, it works exceptionally well as you can achieve over 360Mbps speed.


  • Reliable performance
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient setup
  • Dual Ethernet ports


  • The cable is short
  • Not certified by HomePlug

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a great choice for people who want to extend the wireless network and create an Ethernet connection. The speed reliability is amazing and the setup is beginner-friendly. The only problem is that the cable is short and the lack of certification puts off some people.

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