How to Reset A Sparklight Modem (2 Methods)

how to reset sparklight modem
how to reset sparklight modem

An internet modem is an essential part of the internet network because it processes the incoming internet signals and distributes them around the home. That being said, it’s an important device, and when it stops working, it can directly impact the internet connection, such as a reduction in internet speed. In that case, resetting the modem does a great job, so let’s see how to reset the Sparklight modem!

How to Reset A Sparklight Modem

The reset is a common process that is used to fix the minor internet issues associated with the modem. This is because a reset deletes the old settings, which could be causing the internet connectivity errors. In addition, it can cover the possible configuration errors to streamline the internet connection. However, before you move on with the reset process, you need to remember that it will delete all the settings, including the modem password, and everything will be reverted to the default settings. So, in the section below, we have outlined the steps you’ve to follow to complete the reset process;

Method 1: Try Rebooting First

  • Look for the power cord from the cable of your Sparklight modem, disconnect it, and wait for fifteen seconds before you connect it again to the modem
  • As a result, the modem’s light will start restoring (it might take a few minutes). So, you need to wait for the online light to become solid, and you will be able to use the internet without any errors

The above-mentioned steps are added if you want to reboot the Sparklight modem. This is because, in some cases, a reboot can fix minor internet errors. However, if you are unable to optimize the internet connectivity with the reboot, you can move to the reset process.

Method 2: Reset The Modem

  • The first step is to inspect the internet modem and look for the recessed reset button – it is usually located on the modem’s backside
  • You can use a small paperclip to press this reset button for a second. Keep in mind that you should not hold down this reset button for more than ten seconds because it can cause configuration issues
  • As a result, the modem’s lights will turn off, but the power light might take a few minutes to restore completely
  • Once the online light becomes solid and stops flashing, the service will be restored
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to reboot your modem and devices to re-establish a seamless internet connection

It is important to add that reset will restore the Sparklight modem to the factory or default settings. In addition, it will clear the customized settings that you’ve previously set, such as Wi-Fi settings, DHCP, routing, IP address setup, password, and DNS. However, you have the option to back up the internet and modem settings before you conduct the reset process. Once the reset is complete, you can restore the internet settings to start using the internet again. On the contrary, if resetting the modem doesn’t work, you will need to call the internet service provider.

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