5 Causes For Sparklight Wi-Fi Not Working And Solutions

sparklight wifi not working
sparklight wifi not working

Sparklight is one of the leading service providers for people who need internet, TV, and phone connections. However, their internet services are the most commonly used because they have high-end wireless internet plans available for the users. While the Wi-Fi plans are value-oriented, Sparklight Wi-Fi not working remains a persistent issue for many users, but we are here with the solutions!

Sparklight Wi-Fi Not Working

1. Power

To begin with, you have to check the internet router and/or modem for the power connection. You need to check the power cords and make sure they are plugged into the internet device properly and the active power outlet. In addition, make sure that your power outlet isn’t connected to the power switch that could be turned off. So, check the power connection, and if there is something wrong with the outlet, you have to connect your devices to another power outlet. In addition, make sure you bypass the power strips, surge protectors, and extension cords.

2. Installation Position

There are times when Wi-Fi stops working when you move the Wi-Fi access point, such as the modem and router, to a different location. You have to move the internet device to the original coaxial outlet. This is because the high-speed internet service is properly set up with one outlet and is connected to the internal connections. So,changinge the coaxial outlet can result in signal transmission, which is why you should put the router back into the original position. In addition, make sure that the internet modem is 10ft away from cordless phones, microwaves, and copy machines because these devices can interfere with your wireless signals.

3. Distance

Another solution is that you have to determine the distance between the internet device (modem or router) and the device you want to use the internet for. If the distance is too much, the wireless connection will be slow, and the signals will be slower. So, when the Wi-Fi stops working, it’s recommended that you move closer to the modem or router because it helps gain stronger internet signals. In addition, you must limit the number of walls placed between the wireless access points and the device.

4. Wires

Even when you are using the Wi-Fi connection, you need to remember that wires still play an essential role. This is because these wires are the main medium for transmitting the signals. So, check the Ethernet cable that’s connected to the modem and router to make sure the wires are intact. This is because a damaged or loose wire can adversely influence the connectivity, so be careful about the wire’s performance.

5. Splitter

Splitter is widely used for internet connection networks (the cables and wires) as they help extend the internet connection to multiple devices. However, a splutter can weaken the internet signal strength that’s coming from the cable outlet. Having said that, you need to remove the splitter as it helps improve the signal strength. On the other hand, if you have to keep using the splitter, invest in a high-quality splitter!

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