How To Remove Device From AT&T Plan?

how to remove device from att plan
how to remove device from att plan

AT&T offers flexible plans as well as the ability to add or remove devices from your account. That is, you can easily use your AT&T account on multiple devices with wireless service terms, as well as remove the entire service line.

It could be for any number of reasons. You may be discontinuing service, moving to a different location, or the device you are attempting to remove from your AT&T plan has been stolen or lost.

As much as it will be easier for you to request that the company cancel your service on a device, there are numerous other options to get yourself out of the situation of wanting to remove a device from an AT&T plan.

How To Remove Device From AT&T Plan:

AT&T does not lie in seeing you go from their service. As much as it is difficult for you to release their service, they do offer you alternatives to get your service up and running.

It all depends on why you want to remove a device from an AT&T plan.

Most of you will consider switching to another carrier service if you have moved and do not want to continue with the service.

In another case, the device line has been stolen or lost, and you want to cancel the subscription so that others do not consume your shared data.

Cancelling your service comes with a cost, which means you’ll have to pay termination fees and be billed for any remaining data. However, there are some conditions that AT&T does not discuss directly but does mention on their support pages.

That is the service agreement. So, if you want to know how to remove a device from an AT&T plan, you must first understand the nature of the plan before proceeding with the procedure. So, without further ado, let us see what AT&T has in store for us.

  1. Cancel And Remove A Line From AT&T Service:

When cancelling AT&T service, you cannot simply enter some procedure and terminate your line. Instead, it is preferable to first grasp some concepts.

To begin, if you have an instalment plan, you must pay the remaining instalment immediately after cancelling the service if you cancel the linked line to the instalment plan. You can find more information on AT&T troubleshooting.

Make Sure To Run The System Troubleshooter

If your account does not have an instalment plan, you must pay a termination fee (ETF) before terminating service to a line.

If you know the fees for your account and want to remove a line, simply call AT&T at 800-288-020 and ask them to cancel your service for a specific device.

If the device was associated with a phone number, they will advise you to change your service and then cancel it so that you do not lose your phone number.

  1. Suspend A Line On AT&T Service:

Perhaps removing the device from AT&T isn’t your only goal. If your device is lost or stolen and you do not want anyone else to use your data or AT&T plan, you can simply suspend the service, which will put your service on hold.

This is preferable to removing the device because once removed, it cannot be restored. By suspending the device, you can also block it, preventing it from being used with another carrier.

  1. First, go to AT& and sign in to your myAT&T account using the credentials.
  2. Now navigate to the account overview
  3. Scroll down until you find the Manage Device or Manage plan
  4. From there, select the option and setting and then click the Suspend Wireless Service
  5. Here you will have to enter a reason for suspending your service.
  6. Select Suspend to confirm your decision.
  7. Now follow some onscreen instructions to finish the process.

If your device was stolen, you can also try blocking it at this point. This way, AT&T will notify other carriers that a specific device has been blocked, and no one will be able to use it with another carrier.

You can also roll over your data so that it is not used on the specific device but is transferred to the next plan, where it will be safe and unused by any unauthorized person.

  1. Remove Wearables And Tablets From The AT&T Line:

If you have transferred your AT&T phone number to a wearable or tablet device, you can easily remove it from your account.

  1. Go to AT& and use your myAT&T credentials to sign in.
  2. Next, navigate to the account overview section and go to the Wireless Hub
  3. From there you can select the Device Hub option.
  4. Click Cancel. At this point, if there is an early termination fee or instalment balance issue you will be notified.
  5. Next, click the cancel now button and the screen will ask for confirmation.

If your AT&T service was activated within the last 14 days, you can easily request a return policy for the AT&T device. This gives you an advantage over the billing and termination fees.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about cancelling your service, you can transfer billing responsibility. So, if you were the owner of the billing on a lost or stolen device, you can easily transfer responsibility to a different owner.

  1. Contact AT&T Customer Support:

customer support

If you want a detailed procedure on how to terminate any of your AT&T service lines, you must contact AT&T directly. This is because there is no proper way to remove a device from an AT&T plan online.

You will need to contact AT&T customer service at 800.288.2020, and they will walk you through the entire process. You can also get more information from the AT&T support forum.

They will provide you with information on some alternatives to terminating the service. Furthermore, if you require billing information or the termination fee procedure, you can contact their customer service directly.

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