How To Hook Up A Nintendo 64 To A Vizio TV?

how to hook up a nintendo 64 to a vizio tv
how to hook up a nintendo 64 to a vizio tv

Nintendo is the ultimate best friend of everyone who loves playing games (the fast-action games, in particular). Nintendo is basically a video gaming console that can be connected to TVs for a seamless gaming experience.

So, if you don’t know how to hook up a Nintendo 64 to a Vizio TV, we have got you covered. This is because we are sharing the installation instructions!

How To Hook Up A Nintendo 64 To A Vizio TV?


Before you start dreaming about the gaming experience, you’ve to install Nintendo 64 and Vizio TV, right? In this section, we are sharing the installation instructions, so let’s have a look!

  • Push away the Vizio TV a bit and look for the audio/video inputs
  • Once you see the A/V inputs, put yellow part to the end of the A/V cable (stereo cable) into the “in” part of video
  • Once the yellow end is in the right place, connect red end to the “in” part of audio right
  • As for white end, you have to add it to “in” part of audio left
  • Whichever cable and ends you are inserting; you have to use the twisting motion because it ensure firm insertion and plugging of cables into the input port
  • As far as the gray plug of the A/V cable is concerned, you have to plug it in the into the multi-out part (this connector will be available on control deck; the back of deck)

In case you are using the Vizio TV that only has one input (audio input), you can leave behind the white cable because it’s optional with such TVs.

After-Installation Steps

No, installation isn’t the only thing you need for connecting Nintendo 64 to Vizio TV because there are after-installation steps that you need to follow. So, have a look at the steps to follow, such as;

  • The first after-installation step is to insert the Game Pak into the control desk of Nintendo 64
  • Then, insert the controllers into the system’s front (you can use the left port of Player 1)
  • In the next step, plug in the AC adapter in the system’s back and plug another end of the adapter into the outlet
  • Once the adapter is plugged into the wall outlet, slide power button in the direction of Game Pak
  • Then, switch on the Vizio TV and look for the input selection option (it might be named AUX, input select, line, input, line-in, source, In, select, or EXT external)
  • When you choose input select option, it will start showing the Nintendo game
  • As a result, the Nintendo game image will appear on display, and you can start playing the game

Things To Keep In Mind

While you are connecting Nintendo 64 to Vizio TV, you have to use cables other than AV cables because it will hinder the game’s visibility on the Vizio TV screen. In addition, before you start connecting them, you must ensure proper hooking of all the cables to ensure a firm connection. Also, while inserting the cable, always use the twisting motion because it optimizes the correct and secure plugging.

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