Can You Install Skype On Roku? (Explained)

skype on roku
skype on roku

Skype is a software application, owned by Microsoft Corporations, that provides video chats and voice calls facilities by connecting two or multiple computers, tablets, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and smartwatches over the internet. Skype supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox, and HoloLens operating systems.

Running Skype on your smart device is a simple 3-step process, downloading the application, installing the application, and double-clicking the application. But there are times when this simple 3-step process fails you. The installation failure occurs when the smart device has an operating system that does not support the Skype application. The Roku Smart TV box is one of the select-few smart devices that don’t support the Skype application.

Skype on Roku?

As mentioned before, the Roku operating system doesn’t support the Skype application. If you open the channel search menu and search for Skype, the search will result in nothing because Roku doesn’t have the Skype application within its catalog of apps and channels.

What about side-loading the Skype app through the developer mode? Unfortunately, even the developer mode side-loading of the Skype app is impossible. So it’s pretty much established that installing the Skype application on the Roku operating system is one hundred percent impossible.

Installing is impossible but casting the Skype application onto a Roku operating television is possible. The Skype application and many other non-supported applications can be displayed on a Roku operating television through a built-in Roku feature called Screen Mirroring.

Roku Screen Mirroring

The Roku screen mirroring is a feature that uses the 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi signals to cast the video and audio feed of a smart device like laptop, tablet, computer, or mobile phone onto a Roku operating television screen and speakers. It’s like a wireless HDMI cable, but unlike an HDMI cable, it’s activated through an application. Since the Skype application supports casting, you can use the Roku screen mirroring feature to cast Skype onto a Roku operating television screen.

How to enable Roku’s screen mirroring feature?

To cast Skype onto a Roku operating television-set, you’ll need to enable the screen mirroring feature.

Follow these steps to enable Roku’s screen mirroring feature:

  • Take a Roku set-top box or stick and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Turn on your TV and Roku device, press the home key to open the Roku home screen.
  • Go into the Roku system’s settings and look for a setting called “System Options.” Select “System Options” to proceed.
  • Within “System Options,” the first option above “System Update” will be the option for screen mirroring.
  • Go into “Screen Mirroring” and select “Prompt” to enable the Roku system’s screen mirroring feature.

Once you’ve enabled a Roku system’s screen mirroring feature, you can use a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or computer to cast the Skype application onto a Roku operating television set.

As an example, we will tell you how to cast the Skype application using an Android operating phone.

  • Install and Launch the Skype application on your mobile device.
  • Open the Skype application’s settings and select the setting called “Connection and Sharing.”
  • Within “Connection and Sharing,” you’ll find the option that enables the Skype application’s casting feature.

Enable the “Cast” option and select your Roku device. This will connect your mobile device to the Roku device, and as a result, you’ll see the mobile phone screen displayed on the television screen.

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