How To Downgrade Cox Internet? (Explained)

how to downgrade cox internet
how to downgrade cox internet

Choosing the correct and most suitable internet package can be difficult. With this being said, if the internet package doesn’t fall in line with your preferences and needs, there are high chances that you will look for downgrading the package. Since we are talking about how to downgrade Cox internet, we have designed this article to help you out!

How To Downgrade Cox Internet?

Downgrading The Cox Internet Package – Is It Possible?

The short answer would be yes because you can downgrade the Cox internet easily. However, it can be pretty frustrating. We are saying this because the Cox website might have the link for upgrading but for downgrading, one needs to be extremely patient. That’s to say because you will need to talk to the customer service agents.

For instance, you will need to call in during the Cox Internet billing support hours. The timing is different for every region and state, so it is better that you look up the official timing on the Cox website.

Moving On To The Retention Department

First of all, when you call the billing support, they are highly likely to pursue you in their favor, but you cannot let that happen, right? So, in this case, you need to be smart and strong-headed. This means that you must have strong points, empowering you to make them listen. Once you do that with the regular billing support agent, they will direct you to the retention department.

Well, the peeps at the retention department are likely to be knowledgeable, which means you need to be straight yet fair about your preferences. If the point is valid (and you make a good impression with your negotiation), they will lower the rate and degrade the plan for you.

Things To Keep In Mind

While you are all frustrated about the subscribed plans and the neve-ending surcharge, Cox Internet is always spending a huge chunk of money to woo in new customers. With this being said, they wouldn’t want some customers to leave out on their plans, right? So, they will do everything in their power to make you stay, and downgrading the service is one of such efforts.

But again, they aren’t going to bestow everything in your lap because you will need to negotiate. While negotiating, keep in mind that false and vague threats will be useless. Instead, make valid points because that’s how the negotiation will work. Even more, don’t fall in the trap of negotiation over emails, so stick to the phone call.

On top of everything, leave out those online forms already, because negotiating over the phone is the only thing that works (faster and effective communication, remember?)

Dealing During Negotiation

Well, we know that the negotiation can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the right things to say. In the section below, we have added two approaches that bring in the desired results!

  • The first choice is the cutthroat approach in which you have to be stern (not rude). Make sure that you don’t skip on respect and stay in reasonable line
  • The second approach is to threaten about leaving the services (obviously, it’s an empty threat, but it works in 80% cases, so it’s worth a try!)

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