Hotstar App Detects VPN- How To Use

hotstar app detects vpn
hotstar app detects vpn

Hotstar App Detects VPN

The world is getting much oriented towards the protection and security; Hotstar App is not staying behind anyone as it detects every suspicious access people are making via their VPN connection. In such a strictly secure digital environment, it gets quite hard for the Apps to be accessed. However, the quickest way to detect and get track of accessing the services is by cracking the IP addresses.

IP detecting is beginning to become a norm that is up against online services. More importantly, the streaming services being bound by regional broadcast restricting policies such as Hotstar. This streaming service is using a similar way to have the IP address detected and send those IP addresses to blacklist while baring unwanted users from reaching its content.

If you are on the lookout for a proxy service to control the Hotstar’s IP detection mechanism, there are chances that you wouldn’t get to control that until and unless the service packs a superior stealth functionality. Hotstar is famous for eliminating the need to search for content on various platforms, which is quite convincing. However, the downturn of this App is it’s unavailable outside India.

A VPN used to access the streaming of Hotstar can be an excellent solution to the “unavailability problem.” Although it is quite hard to get your hands on such a VPN that stays successful in helping you land on the Hotstar App without having to get caught by the detection of streaming services of Hotstar App.

While using VPN services, you would need to turn off the other services. The same case would be followed by, while you use the proxy. You are using a VPN service for streaming to Hotstar App as it is easy for the Hotstar to block the services. However, it requires some tactics, even if you are the subscriber.

It is unnecessary to keep experiencing blocking issues from the Hotstar while using free or limited VPN; the problem can persist while using a paid VPN service. That is why we can evaluate those features and functionality matter much more than the service cost. For example, if your facility does not have a reliable IP pool, it will be hard for you to keep up with the Hotstar App streaming.

Therefore, you need a robust VPN connection for the Hotstar VPN detection issue.

Look out for the following features when you are selecting an excellent VPN service:

  • Improved functionality for getting around unnecessary blockades efficiently.
  • More significant volumes for IP addresses and servers so your chosen VPN services wouldn’t get affected by the blacklisting.
  • Streaming Apps i.e., Hotstar App, requires higher bandwidth for a prolonged duration of streaming.

It is common for the VPNs to slow down your internet connection. However, if you are looking for the paid VPN, you must go for the ExpressVPN as it is considered the best-paid VPN service for throttling the streaming services for Hotstar App. However, if you are looking out for free VPNs, you have several reliable and great choices.

Three Best Free VPNs For Streaming Hotstar App:

Speed, along with the server locations, retain the two collateral compromises you have to make while using free VPN services. Free VPNs sometimes restrict you to the selective regions. Besides, free VPN providers stumble up to your internet speed along with unprecedented lags and buffering. On the other hand, premium VPNs improve your internet connection along with global coverage.

However, choosing free VPNs over premium ones is more economical; besides, they still have a lot to offer you.

The following are the top four free VPNs for streaming Hotstar App. They are elected to be the best ones recently.


NordVPN has over 5,100 servers worldwide, which includes more than 20 servers in India. It has lightning-fast speed, unlimited bandwidth for data, six instant and simultaneous connections, and advanced and military-grade encrypting features. It is the most suitable free VPN for Hotstar App. Expert reviews declare NordVPN to be the best free VPN.


Windcribe has a total of 10 free locations, which include the US, UK, and Canada. Besides, it has 10GB of data for a month and 5GB extra. The speed for Windscribe is quite reliable, and the connection is very stable. It has 256-bit encryption, zero lagging and buffering, automatic kill switch along with the built-in malware. has got servers in around five locations. It has a data allowance of about 2GB per month with reliable and fast speeds. Moreover, is built with AES 256-bit encryption, automatic kill switch, and negligible logging.

How To Use Hotstar App With VPN?

Hotstar is a Star India company, so it broadcasts the shows for the Indian audience. You would be getting a call out of “Hotstar content not available in your region” if you ever wanted to get the streaming accessed if you are out of the Indian region that too without VPN.

It is evaluated that for cracking streaming services, and you would need a robust VPN service; however, sometimes even a VPN acts up after getting caught by the Hotstar App detecting agents. Since the advanced tracking and detecting systems in Hostar App are policing the VPN devices, it is quite severe for the VPN connection to stay intact.

However, the VPN world wouldn’t stay behind. The leading VPN providers include IPVanish, NordVPN, Ivacy, ExpressVPN, etc. to provide well-protected and reliable VPN services. These VPN providers have their respective servers in India that open the connection for granting you the Hotstar App’s access.

If you have a secure VPN connection with the well streaming Hotstar, not detecting the VPN entries will support you well.

All you need is a VPN with a built-in kill switch, no strict rules, no logs policy, DNS, and IP address leak protection.

Following steps are essential before you switch to any VPN service:

  • Turn your VPN on.
  • Connect to Indian Servers.
  • Turn your kill-switch option on.
  • Clean up your cookies and captchas.
  • Turn Hotstar App on.
  • Keep your VPN switched on and running all the while you are streaming on Hotstar App without switching it off.

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