3 Ways To Fix HBO Go AT&T U-Verse Not Working

hbo go att uverse not working
hbo go att uverse not working

AT&T is simply one of the best networks in the United States, but their services specifically in the US are extraordinary. That is quite evident given the number of subscribers that they have managed to gain, with a constant increase in those numbers each passing day.

AT&T U-verse is the band that is used now for the IPTV services only. It allows you to have the IPTV in 48 states so you don’t have to compromise on anything, regardless of the location you are at. If your HBO Go is not working with your AT&T U-verse, here is what you can do to get it fixed.

How To Fix HBO Go AT&T U-Verse Not Working?

1. Reboot the Modem

The foremost troubleshooting step that helps you get rid of the most major problems that you might have been facing with any wireless device is rebooting it. Simply put, some devices can be overloaded due to the excessive traffic that they are getting and that is not something that you would want to have on your TV or any other service.

You should unplug the modem that you are using for Wireless communication from the TV and then restart it properly. This will solve the problem for you most of the times on your AT&T U-verse with HBO Go or any channel that might not be available.

2. Subscription Plan

You will also need to ensure that you are subscribed to the plan that has HBO Go streaming privileges included in it. This is simple and if you don’t have a package that allows you to access HBO Go, you will need to upgrade the package to the plan that has the right privileges.

This can be done on the application or web login, but it would be better to call the support department and ask them that if they can help you with it so that you will not have any issues with the upgradation and it will be done in a better manner.

3. Outage

There are two types of outages that you might have to face and they both can cause you to lose streaming access to HBO Go or any of the channels.

Firstly, there can be an outage at the HBO Go end and if there is any such issue, you will simply need to open up their website to get it confirmed. Not only that, but they will also tell you the Estimated Time when it is going to be fixed and you can wait till then and then restart the system once and it will be fixed properly.

Another type of outage is caused by the AT&T U-verse end and that is a bit complicated part. You should call AT&T U-verse support to confirm if there is any such issue at their end. They will also be able to confirm if they are facing some outage due to any reason and by what time you can expect it to be fixed. Moreover, there are also some other issues that might cause you to face this problem, and calling support will ensure that they are diagnosed and fixed for good.

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