AT&T U-verse DVR Not Connected To Network: 3 Fixes

att u verse dvr not connected to network
att u verse dvr not connected to network

The AT&T U-verse or also commonly known as just U-verse is a telecommunications brand. Although nowadays, this brand is known for just providing the users with IPTV services. Back in the day, it also provided telephone, IPTV as well as broadband services to its users. Along with the list of amazing products this company provides to their consumer, it has also been providing a lot of features.

One of these features is known as the DVR service which allows users to record any TV shows they might have missed so that they can be replayed later on and enjoyed by them. Recently, a few AT&T U-verse users have said that they have been receiving the error ‘DVR not connected to the network’ when they tried to access their recordings. Considering this, here are a few ways you can get rid of this problem.

AT&T U-verse DVR Not Connected To Network

  1. Reboot U-verse TV DVR

Your TV box might have gotten frozen during the recording session due to a technical error which might have caused you to get this error. The best and fastest way to fix this without having to get rid of your recording is that you reboot your device. In order to do this, hold down the power button on your device for at least 10 seconds or more.

After this release the button and then press it again. This will start to reboot your DVR device. Keep in mind that this will cancel any recording that was going on during the process. Additionally, this will take up to 8 minutes or might even take a little more so be patient and do not press any button while your device is being restarted.

After your device reboots and is back up running. Use your remote and press the recorded TV button on it to have access to all your recordings again. These include any files that had been missing or frozen during the recording sessions.

  1. Check Cables

Another reason for your device to be running into problems can be that it has been connected in the wrong position. This will cause your device to not have access to the internet, making it run into problems while accessing or recording more files. To check this, make sure that if you are using an ethernet cable, then that is connected to the yellow port on the back of your gateway device.

If you are using a fiber connection then that wire will be connected to the red port on your device. Lastly, check if the gateway’s main connection cable is inserted in the green port. If these are correct and you are still getting the same error. Then you can use a coaxial cable connection with your gateway to the DVR, although ethernet connections are more stable.

  1. Contact AT&T U-verse

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above, then your device has most likely run into some technical error. Alternatively, there might be some error in the wiring of your house. However, it is recommended that you contact AT&T so that they can find the root of your problem and fix it. Make sure to give them detailed information on the error you are getting.

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