7 Easy Solutions For Hargray Wi-Fi Not Working

Hargray Wi-Fi Not Working
Hargray Wi-Fi Not Working

Hargray is one of the best local internet service providers serving rural areas of the country. The company has wireless, fiber, fiber broadband, copper internet, and DSL internet services.

To be honest, the Wi-Fi services are expensive but they promise zero lags. However, if the Wi-Fi is not working, we are sharing some solutions with you!

Hargray Wi-Fi Not Working

  1. Reboot

The first step is to reboot the wireless modem and router that’s connecting your devices to the Hargray Wi-Fi connection.

To reboot the devices, you have to turn them off for five minutes and then turn on the modem. Once the modem lights are stable, turn on the router and connect your devices to the internet.

Once the internet equipment has been rebooted, make sure that you wait for two to three minutes before connecting the devices because it ensures that the internet has stabilized.

  1. Clear Cookies

If you are using the wireless connection on the computer and it won’t work while using the internet browser, it’s likely that there are too many cookies.

Excessive cookies saved in the internet browsers can actually slow down the internet and have a negative impact on the browsing speed.

To clear the cookies, open the internet browser, go to the menu, and select the tools. From the tools, go to the security tab and clear the cookies.


The cookie-clearing method depends on the internet browser you are using, so make sure you read the instructions online and clear cookies. Also, the cookies should be cleared after every six weeks.

  1. Outage

If you live on the borders of the states and cities where Hargray internet services are available, you are more likely to suffer from internet outages.

For this reason, we recommend that you check the outage map of Hargray on their website whenever the Wi-Fi doesn’t work – it will ensure that you are getting the internet signals or not.

If there is an internet outage, you must reach out to Hargray’s customer support team and ask them how soon the internet servers will be retrieved.

  1. Ethernet Connection

In case there is no outage, it’s likely that there are interferences that are slowing down the internet connection.


Fortunately, the interferences can be resolved by using an Ethernet connection. For this purpose, just use the Ethernet cable connected to the router and plug it into your laptop or gaming console.

The Ethernet cable will transmit the internet signals from the router to the device without any interference, promising a better internet connection.

  1. Router’s Location

The router is responsible for transmitting the wireless internet signals to the devices, and if it’s not placed at the right location, it’s likely that it’s unable to transmit the wireless signals.

First of all, we recommend that you take out your router from a cabinet or closed area to make sure it can receive the signals and transmit them – using closed spaces restricts the connection.


Secondly, the router must be installed in the central part of your home where it can get sufficient ventilation. Ideally, you should place the router near the window.

Lastly, you should always keep the router closer to the device on which you’ve to use the internet. That’s because it ensures the transmission of stronger wireless signals to the devices, and that too, without interference.

  1. Physical Interferences

The physical interferences can hinder the passage of wireless signals, which leads to Wi-Fi not working error. In particular, when the router is placed around other wireless devices, it disturbs the signals.


You should avoid putting your router around metal objects and electrical and wireless devices. Once these interferences are removed, the wireless signals will be improved.

  1. Wi-Fi Settings

In some cases, the Wi-Fi stops working on some devices because you haven’t selected the correct settings. First of all, you’ve to ensure that the Wi-Fi feature is enabled on the device.

However, if the Wi-Fi feature is already enabled, you have to upgrade the Wi-Fi adapter as well as the drivers to make sure the wireless connection is supported.

The bottom line is that these steps will help fix the Wi-Fi issues. However, if nothing works, it’s recommended that you contact Hargray customer support at 877-427-4729 and ask them for advanced troubleshooting.

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