5 Solutions To Starry Internet Not Working

starry internet not working
starry internet not working

Starry Internet is one of the most reliable internet service providers offering fixed wireless and broadband internet services. All the internet plans have unlimited data and the users don’t have to worry about slow internet speed either as the company doesn’t cap the speed. So, if the internet is not working, there is something serious but we have all the solutions you can try!

Fixing Starry Internet Not Working

  1. Network Connection

A proper network connection is necessary to ensure a high-speed internet connection. However, if the internet has stopped working on a specific device, we recommend that you check the device connection. In particular, you have to check the cable connections and make sure the internet cords are directly connected to the device, leading to a seamless internet connection. If the internet cord is damaged, it should be replaced. Also, don’t forget to check the cord connectors as they ensure a tight connection of the cord to the port.

  1. Router

If there is nothing wrong with the network connection, it’s likely that the router is malfunctioning and is unable to support the internet speed provided by Starry Internet. For this reason, you should check the internal parts of the router to see if they are burnt or have loose connections. The components with loose connections can be put in place with the help of a solder gun. However, if any of the components are burnt, the router should be replaced. It’s recommended that you contact Starry Internet customer support and order the Wi-Fi hub – it’s the best router for Starry Internet.

In addition to using a compatible and supported router, make sure that the router is closer to the device on which you’ve to use the internet. The closer installation will prevent internet interference caused by physical obstructions.

  1. Reset

Another solution that you can try is to reset the Wi-Fi connection by resetting the wireless settings. That’s because incorrect wireless settings can lead to internet errors. For this purpose, you have to reset the router by pressing the reset button for ten seconds. Once the router is reset, the previous wireless settings will be wiped off and the factory default settings will be enabled. So, just customize the settings and you will be able to use the internet.

  1. Network Outage

If the reset hasn’t resolved the issue for you, it’s likely that there is a network outage that’s causing the internet issue. You can receive network outage notifications from the Starry app or the social media handles. So, if there is a network outage, you will need to wait for company’s technicians to resolve the issue and turn the servers back on.

  1. Wireless Channel

The Starry Internet offers 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz wireless bands. However, the internet speed can be slow at 2.4GHz. So, access the wireless settings and check the wireless band you are connected to. If it’s 2.4GHz, you have to shift to 5GHz because it has no interference and offers better wireless speed.

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