4 Methods For Resolving Hargray Remote Not Working

hargray remote not working
hargray remote not working

Remote controls are useful when you want to control your electronic device with just one touch. These devices are necessary for controlling another paired device and allowing you to perform specific actions, such as adjusting the volume or changing channels depending on what you want to watch. Consequently, Hargray provides its users with remote control capabilities to operate televisions. Set-top boxes are also available. However, some users have expressed concern about the Hargray remote not working. As a result, this article will cover all of the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Hargray Remote Not Working

Since many users have reported their Hargray remote control not working, we will provide some basic troubleshooting steps to clear the related query. These minor issues are common among users, but it is critical to correctly diagnose the issue. So, if you’re having trouble getting your Hargray remote to work again, make sure you follow the steps below.

1. Batteries Are In Working Order:

Your Hargray remote control operates on batteries, so if you are having a rough time trying to make it work, make sure that the batteries are in working order. Try pressing any key from the remote and see if the lights turn on. If not, open the back of your remote and see if the batteries are puffed-up or in bad condition. You can also put the cells in another device and check to see if they are working. Purchase and replace new ones if you suspect a bad cell.

2. Correct Remote Control:

After that, you have checked your batteries. Ensure that you are using the correct remote control for a specific Television. As the Hargray remotes look similar, there is a chance you might mismatch the remote control.  Change if you are using the wrong remote.

3. Reprogram Your Remote:

If none of the above problems is encountered, you may have a programming problem with your remote control so you would need to reprogram it to solve the problem. To reset your remote control

  • Locate the TV and the OK button on your Hargray remote.
  • Press the two buttons simultaneously and release them.
  • You will see the lights on the remote blinking twice.
  • Point the remote at the TV and type in the code that is usually provided by the provider.
  • If your code is correct the TV will turn on. If not, re-enter another code combination.
  • Once the code is verified, you will have to press the TV button to save the code in the remote database.

4. Contact The Hargray Support:

If the issue is not solved by performing the above steps then you should contact the Hargray support team. You can call their landline number or visit their official site to solve your related issue. Sometimes it is only a defective piece of hardware that may cause issues so by contacting customer support you may want to get your remote control fixed or changed in case of a malfunction.

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