Google Drive Upload Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

google drive upload slow
google drive upload slow

Google Drive is widely used by people who want to share files and documents online. However, for this purpose, the users have to upload the files, so the other person can download the files on their system. In case you’ve to upload the file but the speed is too slow, we are sharing some solutions!

Google Drive Upload Slow

1) Check The Upload Speed

When it comes down to Google Drive, it needs an internet connection to work properly. Similarly, every internet plan has different upload and download speeds. That being said, if the upload speed is slow with your internet plan, it might be the reason why the files won’t upload. The ideal solution is to sign up for a new internet plan with a higher upload speed.

On the other hand, if you have already signed up for the high-speed internet plan and high upload speeds, you can try rebooting the internet connection. For this purpose, just switch off the internet router and wait for two minutes before you switch it on again.

When the router switches on, wait for five minutes and it will fix the upload speed. Ideally, it’s best to sign up for the internet plan with 45Mbps speed to ensure error-free and quick file uploading.

2) App Settings

Considering the app settings is essential when you want to fix the upload speed with Google Drive. For this purpose, you should configure the basic settings on the app (yes, the Google Drive app). In case you are using the desktop version, open the settings and move to the advanced tab from preferences. From this tab, choose direct connection under the bandwidth menu and the upload speed will be optimized.

3) File Size

If the file size is too big, the upload speed will be slow with Google Drive, especially if you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. To fix this issue, just compress the file because it reduces the file size. In addition, reducing the file size will reduce the buffering time and you will be able to upload files to the cloud pretty easily. Not to forget, it also saves up on storage space.

Some people also archive the files and it’s great when you’ve to transfer the data and share the files. However, keep in mind when the files are archived, you won’t be able to preview them. But again, you can download the extractor apps to gain access to the files stored on Google Drive.

4) Uploader App

If you are still having issues in uploading the files on Google Drive, you can download the Drive uploader apps because it’s an apt method of speeding up the upload. These third-party apps are designed to upload larger files. Also, these apps are connected to the Google Drive account, so there will be a direct upload.

5) Call Customer Support

To summarize, these solutions should be able to fix the slow upload speed with Google Drive. In case the upload speed is still slow, call Google Drive customer support because there might be something wrong with your account and they can fix it.

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