Optimum Upload Speed Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

optimum upload speed slow
optimum upload speed slow

For the people who don’t know much about internet connections, there are upload and download speeds. Both of them are designed to serve a specific purpose. For instance, the upstream connection is responsible for uploading speed while you are putting something on the internet (sending email counts). So, if you are wondering about the Optimum upload speed slow, we have got you covered. That’s to say, because we have some troubleshooting tips to ensure you regain the high-speed uploads!

Optimum Upload Speed Slow

1) Check The Service Connection

First of all, you need to ensure if the problem lies in the internet service connection or the equipment. So, to check the internet service connection, you need to use the speed tests and write down the current connection speed. Usually, 1Mbps to 2Mbps upload speed is important for optimized (and high-speed) file transfers.

On the other hand, if the speed test doesn’t show the upload speed as promised by the subscribed plan and ISP, you need to call the support services. Once you call the ISP, they will run the checks on your connection and propose potential solutions.

2) Browser

For the users living in the stone age (aka using the Internet Explorer), they need to switch to either Google Chrome or Firefox because it has better capability. With this being said, the upload speed will improve, promising the high-end hightailing experience because these browsers can automatically solve the minor Java issues.

3) Restarting The Computer

If there are issues with the Java or your computer and it’s causing the slow upload speed, you can try restarting the computer. This is supposed to work because the power cycling of the computer will result in easy functionality. Once the computer restarts, you can use the drag and drop applet to upload the file again. In the same vein, you should try uploading the files from a different computer to cater to the high upload speed needs.

4) Firewalls & Restrictions

For all the Windows users out there, there are built-in firewalls that can adversely impact the upload speed. So, it is suggested that you switch off the firewalls temporarily and upload the file. Even more, the upload speed will be impacted if the IT department of your office has implemented the data caps. In either case, you should check it up with the IT department to get the issue fixed.

5) DSL Or Cable Network

For the people who are using cable or DSL internet connections, the upload speed tends to be slower than the download speed. So, it is suggested that you switch to the wireless connections because they not only enhance the upload speed, but the download speed will be appropriate as well.

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