Cox Upload Speed Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

cox upload speed slow
cox upload speed slow

Cox has become a promising option because they have a wide range of internet plans with stable internet connections. However, Cox upload speed slow can be a bummer if you have to upload something or send out something.

To be honest, it’s not such a massive issue, and we have the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

Cox Upload Speed Slow

1) Browser

First of all, the upload speed might not be working fine because of the browser. For instance, if you are using the internet with Internet Explorer, it’s probably an issue with the browser itself. That being said, we suggest that you try using the internet on Chrome or Firefox. This is because the latter internet browsers have a better connection and have the capacity to resolve the Java issues.

As a result, the internet speed will be much better. In addition to this, you can also try updating the browsers. This is because the outdated browser will result in the lagging internet because there are underlying issues. It doesn’t matter if you are using Chrome or Firefox; you have to download and install the updates as soon as the update is released.

2) Reboot

There are times when the devices go through Java issues, and such issues can impact the internet speed. That being said, these minor issues can be resolved by rebooting the computer or whichever device you are using the internet on. It’s better that you reboot the internet router as well. It’s best that you reboot the device as well as the router.

For rebooting purposes, remove the power connection and wait for at least two minutes. After two minutes, switch on the device and then switch on the router. You will need to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to ensure the router establishes a proper internet connection.

3) Firewalls

It’s important to have protection and security. This is the prime reason that people switch on firewalls because it offers protection from external threats. That being said, you should switch off the firewalls on the device if you have enabled them. When you switch off the firewall, you will see a positive change in the internet speed. In case you are using third-party software, you have to switch them off as well.

4) Different Device

In case the upload speed still hasn’t improved much, we suggest that you choose another device. This is because if the internet works fine on other devices, there is something wrong with the previous device. For instance, if you were using the internet on phone, try using the internet on the laptop. If the internet works fine on a different device, check for the software updates on the device that’s causing a lag.

5) Call The Internet Service Provider

If nothing seems to fix the upload speed issue with Cox internet, the last resort is getting in touch with Cox customer support. The customer support will inspect your network and will share what is wrong with the internet connection. Also, they will provide assistance in resolving the internet connection issues.

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