3 Ways To Fix Google Nest Cam Slow Internet Issue

google nest cam slow internet
google nest cam slow internet

People often get cameras installed in their houses for security. Although the footage for these is only available on the television or display the cameras are connected to. Even though all the videos recorded by the camera gets saved and people can then later watch them. Some might prefer to have access to their camera at all time.

Talking about this Google has partnered with the nest to come up with a smart camera. This camera is capable of providing you footage on all your devices through the internet, However, some Google nest cam users have reported that they are getting slow internet speeds on their devices. This might cause the footage to lag or even stop showing. In case you get this error, here are a few ways you can troubleshoot.

Google Nest Cam Slow Internet

  1. Bandwidth Problem

One simple reason why your internet is feeling slow might be that the camera is consuming too much bandwidth. The nest cam usually records stuff and then uploads all of it onto the cloud service. If there is a problem uploading these files then you will start getting errors. First of all, you need to check which subscription package you are using on your camera.

There are two packages, one of which is the nest aware while the other being without nest aware. The nest aware feature will record everything and then upload it on to the cloud. Alternatively, you also have the option to record short videos after a certain amount of time has passed. The second package which is without nest aware will only start recording once you open up the camera on one of your devices. After you are done with checking the camera and close the application, your camera will then stop recording as well.

Additionally, the camera will send you a snapshot whenever it notices something moving in the area. This feature is specially designed for people who have lower bandwidth connections. So, in case, you have the nest aware subscription on your camera, then you should try switching your subscription package. This will save you data as well as stop your stream from lagging or getting slow internet problems.

  1. Connection Is not Fast Enough

Another reason why you are getting this error can be that the connection you are currently using is not fast enough. You need to know that the nest cam requires high-speed internet to stream 1080p files to you whenever you want to check them. You can visit Google’s page for nest came, where they have labeled all the requirements for their device.

There should be an option for the internet speed required by the device in order to function without any problems. Additionally, there should also be a label for how much upload speed the camera requires. After taking note of this, you should then check your own connection speed using an online test. There are many websites that will help you in checking your internet speed. If the results of your connection’s speed are lower than required.

Then this is why you are getting this problem.  It is recommended that you call your ISP or message them online. Talk to them about the connection package that you are subscribed to. If you are getting lower speeds than what is provided by your package then the ISP’s have a problem on their backend and should be able to fix it. However, if the speed of your package is the same as you are getting then you will have to change your current subscription plan.

  1. Wi-Fi Router Might Be Incompatible

Although most devices are compatible with the Google nest cam, however, if they aren’t then you will start getting slow internet problems. You can find the list of all the router supported by the nest cam and then check if your router is on the list. If it isn’t then this is most likely the reason why you have been getting this error.

You will either have to change your router or try to update its firmware. Usually, most routers have come up with updates that will fix the compatibility problem with these devices. You can update the firmware on your router by either resetting it or installing the update on it manually.

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