6 Quick Solutions For fuboTV Not Working On Roku

fubotv not working on roku
fubotv not working on roku

Quick Solutions For Roku is one of the simplest ways of streaming content on your TV. In addition, you can use fuboTV to access a wide range of TV shows, movies, news, and sports channels.

However, fuboTV not working on Roku is a common complaint and can be caused by different issues, such as server issues, network connection issues, and minor bugs.

So, if you want to resolve the matter and want to start streaming fuboTV on Roku, we are sharing a few solutions with you!

Fixing fuboTV Not Working On Roku:

  1. Remove & Add fuboTV Again

If the fuboTV has stopped working or is causing buffering issues, it is recommended that you delete the fuboTV app from your device and reinstall it.

Reinstallation of the fuboTV app will help eliminate the built-up cache and repair the minor bugs, which improves the streaming experience.


In addition, it will reset the memory. When you reinstall the fuboTV app again, you have to connect your device to the internet and add your subscription credentials to start streaming.

  1. Clear The Cache

A cache is basically the app data that builds up over time. Excessive build-up of cache can lead to performance issues, and it might not stream at all.

In most cases, it shows the “something went wrong” error on the screen whenever you try to access fuboTV on the Roku device.

The solution is to clear the cache and cookies. Clearing the cache and cookies will automatically resolve the glitches, and the fuboTV will start working again.


Once the cache is cleared, you have to reboot the device, and it will start streaming again. In case you don’t know how to clear the cache, check the instructions online according to the device.

  1. Slow Internet Speed

In some cases, the fuboTV might not be working because of network issues. fuboTV depends on the internet for streaming the content, and a slow internet connection can cause issues.

fuboTV needs a stable and consistent internet connection – the internet speed needed depends on the device you are using for streaming.

If you are using Roku, the internet speed must be 7Mbps or higher. You can use an internet speed test to check the speed you are getting.

If the internet speed is less than 7Mbps, you have to call your internet service provider to upgrade the internet plan for a faster internet speed.

  1. Reboot The Modem Or Router

If your internet speed is already enough, but the fuboTV is still not working on Roku, it’s likely that the signals are corrupted.


For this reason, we recommend that you reboot the modem or router, as it helps achieve a stable internet connection.

To reboot the modem or router, you have to turn off the unit for a few minutes – you have to turn it off for at least five minutes. Then, reconnect your modem or router to the power socket and see if fuboTV works.

  1. Sign Out & Log In Again

Signing off the fuboTV and signing in again helps recreate the connection and re-sync the data between Roku and fuboTV.

For this purpose, you have to open the fuboTV on the TV and click on the profile name from the top-right corner of the screen. From the menu, scroll down to the “sign out” button.


Once you are signed out of your fuboTV account, reboot your Roku as well as the TV and open the app. Then, use your credentials to sign in again, and it will work fine!

  1. Reboot The Device

When there is an issue with fuboTV streaming, it is recommended that you reboot the Roku device. It will eliminate the background activities to make sure they don’t interfere with fuboTV’s function.

To reboot the Roku device, you have to turn it off for a few minutes by disconnecting the power cables. Once the power cables are disconnected, wait for two to three minutes and reconnect the cables.


The Bottom Line

fobuTV is a reliable option for people who like to access news and sports channels as well as TV shows and movies.

The solutions mentioned in this article will be helpful, but if nothing is working, you should ensure that the Roku TV region is the same as the IP address of your region.

Once the IP address issue is resolved, the Roku will start working. The last option is to call Roku or fuboTV’s customer support team!

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