6 Fixes For fubo TV Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

fubo not working on samsung smart tv
fubo not working on samsung smart tv

fuboTV is one of the most popular streaming TV services in America, and it’s focused on offering live sports channels, including MLS, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

In addition, it can be used to watch network TV series, news, and international soccer matches. The service has been around since 2015.

It’s common for people to use the streaming service on Samsung Smart TV, which offers an exceptional streaming experience. However, fuboTV not working on Samsung Smart TV is bugging you; we have some solutions!

fubo TV Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

  1. Check The Compatibility

Which Samsung Smart TV you are using can directly impact the streaming experience. If you have an older Samsung TV, fuboTV won’t work.

In particular, it will only work on the Samsung Smart TV model 2016 or later. This is because these recent TVs run on Tizen operating system, so check the OS version and model year of the Samsung TV.

In case your Samsung Smart TV is older than 2016, we recommend that you either invest in a streaming stick or upgrade your TV. It’s needless to say that streaming stick is a more affordable choice.


It is recommended that you opt for a Roku streaming stick or Fire TV Stick because they work well with fuboTV.

  1. Reboot

If you are already using a compatible Samsung Smart TV, but the fuboTV is still not working, it is likely that there is some software glitch that’s causing streaming issues.

The solution is to reboot the TV because it can resolve minor software glitches. It is recommended that you reboot the TV rather than the apps.


For this purpose, you have to turn off the TV with the help of a power cord and keep it off for over five minutes. Then, turn on the TV and stream again.

Many people just press the power button on the TV’s remote, but it will only put your TV in standby mode and won’t reboot the TV.

  1. Internet Speed

If the reboot doesn’t work, you have to check the internet connection because a slow internet speed will adversely impact the streaming experience.

The slow internet will result in buffering. Also, fuboTV needs a high-speed connection to connect the streaming platform’s servers to the TV.

We recommend that you conduct an internet speed test to make sure the speed is at least 7Mbps. If the speed is any less, the TV won’t connect with the server properly, hence the streaming issues.


If the internet speed is any slower, you should call the internet service provider to upgrade your internet plan for a faster internet speed.

Secondly, make sure you don’t use mobile data hotspot because the cellular internet isn’t suitable for streaming fuboTV.

  1. Power Cycle The Router

A router is important to transmit internet signals to devices, including your Samsung Smart TV. So, if the internet speed is slow, you have to reboot the router.

The router can be rebooted or power-cycled by turning it off for ten minutes and turning it back on. Power cycling the router will actually refresh the wireless internet signals, promising a better connection.

Wi-Fi router

When you reboot the router, it is recommended that you take out the internet cable as well to make sure the internet connection is optimized.

  1. Firmware

Samsung Smart TV depends on the firmware to support the apps, so if the firmware is outdated, the Samsung Smart TV won’t work properly, and the streaming will be impacted.

The simplest solution is to upgrade the TV’s firmware. In most cases, Samsung Smart TVs upgrade the firmware automatically, but you can follow the below-mentioned steps for a manual firmware upgrade;

  • Turn on the Samsung Smart TV and open the smart hub
  • Open settings and scroll down to software update
  • Press the “update now” button and let the firmware upgrade down
  • Once the firmware upgrade is downloaded, follow the on-screen prompts to install it
  1. Clear The Cache


Many people recommend deleting the fuboTV app to fix the streaming issues but deleting the cache is a better option as it can resolve the app glitches. To clear the cache, follow these instructions;

  • Open the smart hub on the Samsung Smart TV
  • Open the settings and go to the “system apps”
  • Scroll down to fuboTV and select it
  • Tap on the “clear cache” button and press the OK button to confirm

So, are you ready to start watching sports?

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