7 Best Solutions For Error Code 23 Peacock

error code 23 peacock
error code 23 peacock

Peacock TV is a reliable streaming platform for people who needs access to live sports and news channels. Also, you can watch hit TV shows and the latest movies as well.

Peacock TV has been launched by NBCUniversal, which is one of Comcast’s subsidiaries. However, if you are using the streaming platform but have error code 23 Peacock TV, we are sharing a few solutions.

Error Code 23 Peacock- How to Fix?

The Meaning Of Error Code 23

The error code 23 on Peacock TV is caused by internet connectivity issues. For instance, if the internet connection isn’t stable or the speed is slow, you can try out the following solutions;

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

First of all, you have to make sure that the internet is working well and is sending signals to your device for streaming Peacock TV.

For the Peacock TV to stream the content properly, you’ve to ensure that the internet speed is at least 10Mbps or higher. This is because Peacock TV has HD content, which needs higher internet speed.

There are different internet speed tests that you can try to check the internet speed. If the internet speed is slower, you’ve to call the internet service provider to upgrade the internet for faster internet.


On the other hand, if the internet speed is already good enough, you should reboot the router to optimize the internet signals and connection with the device you are using for streaming.

To reboot the router, you have to remove the power cord as well as the internet cable for two minutes. Then, insert the power cable and wait for two minutes before you install the internet cable.

Rebooting the router will help refresh the wireless internet signals. However, if the internet speed is still slow, you should contact your internet service provider.

  1. Peacock TV App

If there is nothing wrong with the internet connection but the error code 23 is still appearing on the screen, it’s likely that you are using an outdated app.

Peacock TV actually launches regular app updates, which have to be installed on time to optimize the streaming experience.

You can update the Peacock TV app by accessing the app from the app store. For this purpose, you’ve to open the app store, look for the Peacock TV app, and press the update button.


Make sure that the device has a strong internet connection before you start the app update process. Once the app is updated, reboot the device and start streaming.

  1. VPN Connection

The VPN connection has become common for people to secure the streaming experience. In simpler words, the VPN connection can interfere with Peacock TV’s streaming performance.

The streaming platforms usually don’t go well with VPN, especially if you use the free VPN app. So, the solution is to purchase a paid VPN subscription.


However, if you cannot purchase a paid VPN subscription, it’s better that you disconnect the VPN and stream without it.

  1. Reboot The Device

Another solution is to reboot the device that you are using for streaming Peacock TV. For this purpose, you’ve to plug out the power cord from the device or turn it off with a power button.

When the device is rebooted, it will create a fresh connection with the internet, which helps create an improved connection with Peacock TV servers.

  1. Clear Cache

Excessive app data or device cache can also result in slow internet, which adversely impacts the Peacock TV streaming experience.

To clear the cache from the device, we recommend that you open the settings on your device, open the Peacock TV app, and click the “clear cache” option.


On the other hand, if you are using any browser to stream Peacock TV, you should clear the history.

  1. DNS Settings

DNS is important for the Peacock TV app to find the servers. So, if there is something wrong with DNS settings, the device won’t connect to the Peacock TV servers, hence error code 23.

It can be challenging to edit the DNS settings, which is why we recommend that you flush the DNS cache properly.


On a concluding note, these solutions will help you fix error code 23. However, if the error code is still there, you must reach out to Peacock TV customer support!

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