FreedomPop Deactivate Account- What To Do?

freedompop account not active
freedompop account not active

FreedomPop is a popular wireless internet and network service provider. The company has been in the market since 2011 and is located in Los Angeles.

However, their services are available in Mexico, Spain, and UK, in addition to the US. The company offers text, mobile data, talk minutes, and VOIP services.

In addition, FreedomPop offers mobile phones, broadband devices, and tablets, which can be used with other network services.

It’s safe to say that people love the network and wireless internet services, but some want information about FreedomPop deactivate account.

This is because some customers want to deactivate their accounts and services because they aren’t satisfied with the services. So, let’s see how you can deactivate the account!

FreedomPop Deactivate Account

Deactivating The FreedomPop Account

At this moment, FreedomPop doesn’t allow users to deactivate their accounts. This is because deactivation means that the users can pause the service and resume it whenever they want.

On the other hand, the users have the option to cancel their accounts. If you want the reopen the account, the customer representatives will help you resume using the service.

So, if you are ready to cancel the FreedomPop plan or account, you should follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, you should open the official FreedomPop website from the internet browser and press the “sign in” button from the screen’s corner
  • When the sign-in page appears, add the account details and press the enter button
  • Once you are signed in, and the account dashboard appears, you’ve to open the settings and scroll down to the account status option on the left side
  • Now, tap on the “cancel account” option
  • When you input this command, you will have to add the account’s password again to confirm the cancellation

Once done, you will automatically get the confirmation text on the registered contact number, and you won’t be able to use the services.

On the other hand, if you want to resume using the services, you’ve to contact FreedomPop’s customer support, as they can activate the account again but you will have to answer a few security questions.

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In case you don’t want to cancel the account from the website, another option is to cancel with the help of customer support.

To reach out to the customer team, you have to call 1-888-743-8107. When you call, instantly press 1 to get the self-help service and add the contact number you are using and want to cancel.

Once the contact number has been added, press button 3 to make sure the cancellation is complete. If this doesn’t work, you should connect with the support agent.

Things To Consider Before Deactivating/Canceling The FreedomPop Account

While deactivating or canceling the account, there are multiple factors that you must consider. First of all, it’s important that you transfer the FreedomPop contact number before you cancel the service – it will ensure that you’ve access to an active contact number.

In addition to this, when the cancellation or deactivation is saved, you won’t be able to access the FreedomPop account unless the customer support team helps you.

Keep in mind that transferring the contact number will be impossible once the account has been deleted or canceled, so start the number transfer early.

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Charges Associated With FreedomPop Account Cancellation

According to the terms of service set by FreedomPop, if a user downgrades the plan or cancels their subscription before the agreement is expired, he/she cannot get a refund.

However, the company might charge the applicable taxes as well as an administrative fee when the account has to be canceled.

Getting A Refund For FreedomPop Services

If you are wondering if you can get the service refund after canceling the account and the allocated resources are available, it is possible.

However, it only happens when you have been incorrectly charged for the mobile services and FreedomPop equipment that you are not using.

On the other hand, to get the refund for the subscribed plan, you’ve to fill out the RMA form within fourteen days after the return material authorization has been issued.

your last resort should be to contact their customer service

As far as the monetary refund is concerned, it will be sent to the account that you used to subscribe to the plan. Also, the users can get a refund for the leased FreedomPop equipment.

Keep in mind that getting a refund after cancellation will be challenging.

Shifting The Contact Number To Other Carrier

If you want to deactivate the account because you want to use a different network service carrier, FreedomPop can help you port the contact number.

In addition, you should keep the FreedomPop account active until the transfer of the contact number is completed to make sure you don’t end up losing the number or have service issues.

Also, you cannot get the handling and shipping charges refunded. Some other factors to consider include the following;

  • The refunds are possible only if you return the equipment within seven days
  • You’ve to pay $25 as handling charges
  • Make sure the equipment has all the parts, including chargers and wires, when you send it back to FreedomPop
  • You cannot get a refund for the handling and shipping charges that you first paid

Returning The Device After Service Cancellation Or Deactivation

Check That Your SIM Card Is Working

When you cancel or deactivate your FreedomPop account, you have to return the SIM card as well as the service equipment.

In addition, you won’t be able to get a refund on the equipment if it has been activated or used, so it’s only about returning the equipment.

The Bottom Line

This article is the most comprehensive guide you need to cancel or deactivate your FreedomPop account. However, if you cannot understand something, call the support team at 1-888-743-8107.

In addition, you can write to the support team at [email protected]. The good thing is that the support team is available 24/7, so your queries will be quickly answered.

However, before you contact the support team, we recommend that you clear all the dues because the company might cause issues when there are outstanding dues to be paid.

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