7 Ways To Fix Fortnite Slow Internet Issue

fortnite slow internet
fortnite slow internet

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there. It is designed with the Battle Royale niche and has various game modes. Truth be told, the game is top-notch. On the contrary, Fortnite slow internet can lead to a bad gaming experience, and nobody wants that, right? So, let’s see how we can fix the slow internet issue!

Fortnite Slow Internet

1) Internet Service Provider

First of all, it’s best to call the internet service provider. This is because the internet service providers can troubleshoot your internet connection from their end. When the internet connection is troubleshooted, the internet connection will be improved, and the slow internet will be resolved on Fortnite. On the contrary, if talking to the internet service provider doesn’t work, you can start with the following solutions!

2) Video & Graphics Card

The graphics and video cards are essential for streamlining the performance and connectivity. Believe it or not, the outdated cards will adversely influence the performance of the game. That being said, you must look if the cards are updated. The users can look for updates on the official website of the manufacturer. If the update is available, download and install it. As a result, the performance will be optimal.

3) FPS

FPS is the frame per second, and they must be considered when Fortnite is showing slow internet issues. That being said, the users need to have 30 FPS settings, but it’s the minimum. However, if you can increase the settings to 60 FPS or higher, the performance will be increased, but the internet connectivity will be impaired.

For checking the frame per second, you need to open settings in Fortnite. Move to the video tab and switch on the show FPS option. If you have a higher FPS setting, it might consume too much internet bandwidth. Then, reduce the graphical settings and lower down the resolution. In addition, it’s best to set the video quality to low for better internet connectivity.

4) Network Bandwidth

If there is a slow internet issue incurs with Fortnite, the users need to check out the network bandwidth. This is because it usually originates from the online connection. While users are playing Fortnite on the PC, other programs like Battle.net, Steam, or GOG might be running in the background and will consume the internet bandwidth.

In addition, if other users connected to the same internet connection are using Netflix or YouTube while downloading some files, they will consume so much network bandwidth. That being said, the users need to reduce the network bandwidth consumption. Once other devices and programs are ticked off, Fortnite will have better signals.

5) Router

In case you don’t have the bandwidth issue, but the internet is still slow for Fortnite, you could try rebooting the router. The router can be rebooted by removing it from power and waiting for five minutes before switching it on again. When the router switches on, the internet signals will be refreshed, and you are likely to receive high-speed or strong signals.

Secondly, you could tweak the Quality of Services. This is because it prioritizes Internet traffic, so your device can receive better internet signals. When you prioritize the Fortnite game, the slow internet issue will be fixed with the game. Accessing the Quality of Services is different for every router, so consult the router’s manual for this purpose.

6) Ethernet Connection

The wireless connections are convenient for sure, but they tend to have various interferences. On the contrary, the ethernet connections will deliver better internet performance since it doesn’t have the interferences. That being said, connect the gaming device to the internet through the ethernet connection. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ethernet connections will make the internet stable. All in all, you should never use the mobile data or hotspot for playing Fortnite.

7) Server

One might believe that all servers are created equal by Fortnite, but it’s not true. Generally, the users are connected to the server that provides the lowest ping, but it doesn’t always do better for the internet connection. In simpler words, if you are too distanced from the region, there can be connectivity issues. That being said, try connecting to another server and play Fortnite again. As a result, the network connectivity will be streamlined.

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