5 Ways To Fix Worms Slow Internet Issue

Worms slow internet
Worms slow internet

Worm’s is a popular battle game where users can choose the worms from various class systems. The users can earn the achievement and has a game-changing enhancement design. There are multiple in-game rewards, so users can purchase the gold, bronze, and solver cards. On the contrary, Worm’s slow internet tends to slow down the gaming performance. In the section below, we are sharing the fixes for slow internet on Worm’s!

How to Fix Worms Slow Internet?

1. Ethernet Cable

When you have to choose between the Wi-Fi and ethernet connection, you should always choose the ethernet connection. Similarly, with the slow internet error on Worm’s, you must opt for the ethernet connection. The ethernet cable connection will promise a consistent and high-speed internet connection with lower latency.

However, it will take away the wireless connection. But still, keeping the ethernet cable is better for playing games. Also, if you have to choose the ethernet cable connection, you must use the gigabit ethernet port and ensure that you are using the latest ethernet cables that can support the high-speed connection.

2. Router’s Positioning

In case of the slow internet issue on Worm’s, while you are using the wireless connection, it’s likely to be the router position issue. This is because if the router and gaming device has physical hindrances, such as floors and well, the network connection will be impacted. In addition, the distance between the router and the device will directly influence the connection.

That being said, it’s suggested to position the wireless router in the open space. Also, since you are using a wireless connection, you need to consider the electronic interference, physical objects, and the number of connected devices. In the case of a single router, it’s better to position the router at a central location or in an open area.

The router must be positioned above the furniture and away from the electronic devices to ensure zero interferences. Once the router is placed properly, it will improve the strength of internet signals. In addition, you must position the antennas on the router in a perpendicular manner because it optimizes high-end internet signals.

In case your router has two antennas on it, one should point in the sideway direction while the other one should point upwards. When the router has proper placement and positioning, the internet signals will be improved.

3. Wi-Fi Channel

While you are struggling with the slow internet issue on Worm’s, you must keep in mind the Wi-Fi channels. Generally, people living in dense areas tend to be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel, which means it’s a crowded channel. On the contrary, the 5GHz Wi-Fi channel doesn’t have an overlapping channel, and the internet bandwidth is higher.

The experts suggest that you experiment with different Wi-Fi channels and choose the one that fits your needs. Generally, the users have a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel set. Still, a 5GHz Wi-Fi channel could be better because it offers higher internet bandwidth. So, when you select the 5GHz Wi-Fi channel, the bandwidth will be improved, and the slow internet connection issue will be resolved.

4. QoS

The majority of routers are designed with the Quality of Service feature and helps the users to prioritize the internet traffic. That being said, you could try enabling the QoS settings on the router for streamlining the internet connection. For this purpose, just open the router settings, scroll down to the QoS tab and choose Worm’s from it.

On the contrary, if Worm’s is not available in the list, choose the device on which you have to play the game. Once the Quality of Service feature is switched on the router, the internet connection will be improved for Worm’s. Furthermore, this setting will promise better traffic management for the game or device, hence better game connection.

5. Limit The Background Devices & Apps

For the users who need to improve the internet connection speed for Worm’s game, the background devices and programs must be shut off. That’s to say because it limits the bandwidth consumption. So, just reduce the number of programs or apps running in the background (on the device at which you are playing the game).

In addition, you need to reduce the number of connections on the Wi-Fi since it helps reduce bandwidth consumption. Once the bandwidth consumption is reduced on other devices, the internet speed will be optimal for the game!

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