3 Ways To Fix Destiny 2 Slow Internet Issue

destiny 2 slow internet
destiny 2 slow internet

The modern games that are coming out these days are simply amazing and the whole experience is immersive for all the gamers. The best part about these modern games is that they offer an interactive online gaming module that connects you with servers and other players over the internet.

However, online gaming requires some more bandwidth and internet speeds than any other applications. Online games keep downloading and uploading the data to servers constantly and you will need to have a better speed for that.

Destiny 2 Slow Internet

Destiny 2 is one such game that allows you to have the right sci-fi experience with inter-planet warfare and modern tactics. There are futuristic technologies in the game and weapons from the future in the game. It goes without saying that these graphics are amazing and Ultra HD with smooth animations and immersive audio with the right SFX on it.

If you get slower speed than required on the Destiny 2, that can cause you to have problems, and here is how you can fix such problems.

1) Router Fragmentation

You need to understand that the Wi-Fi routers that you are using are not designed to keep going for days and days. They cannot take that much load and if you are running the router for quite some time now, it can get fragmented or even will get overloaded at times.

To solve such problems, you will have to restart the router once and that is going to help you perfectly in solving the problem. Simply run a power cycle on the router and connect the console or PC that you are using to play the game with the network again. This is going to allow you to fix up the problem in the right manner and after that, you are not going to face any sorts of problems with the internet speed getting slow with Destiny 2.

2) Metered Connection

Another thing that you will have to take care of is the settings and you need to ensure that all the settings on your router are optimized in the right manner. This includes metered connection settings. It comes in handy if you have a connection from your ISP with limited bandwidth allowance on it, as the metered connection will be limiting the speed and bandwidth for you and that will be restricting the Destiny 2 to get the right speed for optimal performance.

To fix this issue, you will have to check on the router settings first and disable the metered connection settings if they are enabled. Once you do that, you will have to save the settings on your router and restart the router once. That will be optimally solving the problem for you.

You will also have to check on the OS as there are some OS that supports metered connection settings and you will need to disable them as well. After that, connect with the network again and restart the game. With this, you will not have to face any problems or issues with the Destiny 2 internet speed again.

3) Switch to 5GHz

Another thing that you can try out in case your internet speed is slower on the Destiny 2 is to switch up the Wi-Fi frequency band. The 5GHz band is known for faster and stabler internet speeds and that will be able to help you out perfectly. Make sure that you have the right router with appropriate system requirements on it and the support for dual-band. After that, you will have to switch your Wi-Fi connection to 5GHz and that is going to increase the speed of your internet connection considerably for you.

However, you will need to be mindful that 5GHz is certainly the most perfect thing that you can get for the optimal speed. Although the speed will be increased, it doesn’t necessarily support all the devices. The Wi-Fi coverage range will also considerably be reduced. So, make sure that the router you are using for gaming is in the same room as all your devices are and that is going to help you out in fixing the problem. You will have to compromise on the coverage and compatibility on some devices, but the problem with the slow internet speed on Destiny 2 will be solved for good.

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