Fios Quantum Gateway vs Actiontec: What’s The Difference?

fios quantum gateway vs actiontec
fios quantum gateway vs actiontec

If you have ever used Verizon, we are pretty sure that you would know about FiOS. FiOS Internet is famous for the ultra-fast internet connection. Still, it needs the right modem and router to deliver a high-speed internet connection to the end devices.

This is the prime reason that people often consider between FiOS quantum gateway vs. Actiontec. In this article, we are sharing the differences between these two!

Fios Quantum Gateway vs Actiontec

FiOS Quantum Gateway

The quantum gateway is one of the most preferred choices for everyone who is using a FiOS internet connection. To begin with, this is the high-end DOCSIS 3.0 configuration device. This device is equally great for consumer and commercial usage. The quantum gateway is designed to deliver a high-speed internet connection which makes it suitable for streaming, gaming, and efficient browsing.

On top of everything, this device promises high-performance connections without any lags. When you are using the FiOS internet connection, it’s pretty useful to opt for the router and modem combo, and the quantum gateway is one of them. This combo will be great for people who want to save on rentals. Upon testing, the quantum gateway can handle the downloading speed up to 1Gbps.

As far as the uploading speed is concerned, it did justice to up to 880Mbps speed. The combo can be installed at 325ft or higher, and it will ensure proper internet connection for multiple devices. Even more, the internet connections are seamless, so there are no connection issues for anyone. On the other hand, it’s essential to note down that this combo can be a bit expensive.

On top of everything, it’s essential to note down that this combo is extremely durable, so it will pass the test of time without compromising on the speed. The availability of high-end features is something to look out for. To begin with, the quantum gateway allows the users to add the guest network or add the DHCP and DNS servers.

On the other hand, if the internet carrier has weak signals, the combo will deliver the weak signals as well. Even in that case, you can simply reboot the combo, and the signal output will be streamlined. This combo is pretty compact, so it will not consume space on the shelf. The best thing about this combo is the sleek and modern appearance, so it will go perfectly with your modern home.

Even more, the quantum gateway is specially designed for FiOS internet connections which is basically the fiber-optic network connection. That being said, this combo will deliver the maximum wireless internet speed, along with an optimized range. Moreover, this router promises a stable and constant internet connection for different users at a time.

The combo is integrated with dual-band technology that helps improve the internet bandwidth. As a result, the internet connection will deliver high-speed downloading, uploading, and streaming features. It also supports the gigabit wired ethernet connection, so the cable connections can use quantum gateway without any issue.


For the most part, Actiontec is designed with DOCSIS 3.0 configuration. Before we begin with the specifications and features of Actiontec, it’s essential to note down this isn’t your advanced and high-speed router. That’s to say because this modem-and-router combo has a limited speed. For instance, the downloading and uploading speed stays around 130Mbps.

For people who aren’t crazy about streaming videos or play games, this combo will be a promising choice. However, it’s the reasonably-priced combo. On top of everything, the customer support system of this manufacturer is pretty great. Some users have been complaining about the range because the support isn’t available at far-off places.

The best thing about Actiontec is that setting it up will be easier. It also comes with a manual, so you can simply follow the step-by-step instructions. According to the manufacturers, the download speed delivery is up to 150Mbps, while upload speed will be 35Mbps. This modem-and-router combo is designed to offer HDTV as well as standard video programming.

That being said, it can support multiple media streams at a time. This combo can be easily connected to set-top boxes. The router is integrated with the enterprise-level protection and security configuration. In particular, it has WPA/WPA2 encryption, and the firewall is customizable. Moreover, it has the intrusion detection feature to reduce the chances of signal interference. On the contrary, the range and speed aren’t high-end, so keep that in mind!

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