3 Ways To Fix Ematic Converter Box Won’t Turn On

ematic converter box won't turn on
ematic converter box won’t turn on

Ematic is a well-reputed and famous brand that offers its customers a wide range of electronic gadgets. Among these gadgets, the Ematic converter box is one of the coolest and fancy products. Unfortunately, there is a round of people that seek assistance regarding the Ematic converter box’s malfunctioning. They have complained that the box’s light is turned into red from green and won’t allow the converter to turn on.

In this article, we will cite several ways of outs that potentially can bring out soothing effects in your daily life. Following troubleshoots will offer you a chance to do away with turning on issues from the converter box.

How to Fix Ematic Converter Box Won’t Turn On?

1. Should I Check The Cables Of The Ematic Converter Box?

One of the critical reasons behind the resistance of the Ematic converter turning on is that the cables attached in the back of the box are not affixed correctly. Thus, the first step to making it correct and do away with the turn of the issue. You have to unplug all the wire from the box. Afterward, wait for a few moments and firmly attach the cables back to the Ematic converter box.

This technique will allow the device to get appropriate signals, and a red light will turn into green. Furthermore, our suggestion is to don’t disturb the wire unnecessarily; otherwise, you will have the same issue in the future.

2. Do I Need To Reboot Ematic Converter Box?

When you want to spend your time watching your favorite show on the tv, you would probably move closer to the tv set and open the Ematic converter box. But what your converter box is unable to turn on with visible red light on the box. If you are one who has this kind of issue, then there is no need to panic. Check the cables first if they are attached firmly, and then reboot your box.

To reboot your device, press the power button for a few seconds, your box will be turned off, then after a few minutes, turn it on. Through this technique, your Ematic converter box would complete is rebooting and will be turned on as usual.

3. Can I Contact Ematic Customer Care Center For Help?

If you have tried the hacks mentioned above and still have not received a satisfying result, it is better to contact the Ematic customer care center. Their public representative will ask you for an issue about the box. State all the problems, and they would brief you on guidelines in this regard. However, if the help given to you by the customer center falls short. It is advised to contact them again -and demand device replacement as a new device would less likely have a turn-on issue.


In summing up, we have explicated several troubleshooting methods to undo the Ematic converter box won’t turn on. Their applications are practical to make your Ematic box work properly. However, if you find the same problem again and again, then claim the replacement option through the Ematic customer care center.

In this article, we have offered necessary and relevant information that will bring positive changes by doing away with the hardware fault of the Ematic converter box. We’ll appreciate your response and remarks regarding this topic in the comment section.

12 thoughts on “3 Ways To Fix Ematic Converter Box Won’t Turn On”

  1. I have bought 6 ematic digital converters and they all last for about 6 months and stop working.Are they being built this way for profit purposes?

  2. I have purchased 3 in the past 3 years, they have all blown a capacitor after about a year’s use. That’s probably what has happened to yours. I would replace the capacitor if I knew how or where to get them. If you open the box and examine it, you will notice the top or bottom blown out of a capacitor it’s not hard to spot.

  3. My went out and I can’t get the box to go to show on channel 3. The TV won’t show it. Can you help. I know it works.

  4. This is my second purchase of an Ematic OTA Digital TV Converter & TV box. I had one 3 yrs. Ago that lasted just under a yr. This one lasted 7 hrs.!! Both had the same problem. They just stopped working as though it were completely powerless. I checked batteries, unplugged/disconnected entire set and replugged in different outlet just to see if I could get a power light. Nothing I do gives me a power light again. Piece of ….

  5. I purchased two ematic converter boxes neither of them will work. I only had them for about 3 years and they have completely stopped working.

  6. This is my second Ematic box and it went bad just after 3 months or so. The first one lasted about a year. Why don’t they just stop making the Ematic boxes if they only work for very short time. I have no idea which other digital boxes have the the menu boxes, ’cause I will try those.

  7. Wow! Glad to see I’m not alone. Is there a more reliable brand? I’ve lost 2 of these boxes in a year. I am feeling stupid. Probably will not buy the next one from Walmart Fall-apart

  8. Same here! I’m glad to have found this thread. I bought 2 of them at the same time. Both of them went blank with no power within six months of each other. I thought I may have done something wrong and almost bought 2 more, but I won’t now that I see I am not alone.

  9. I was watching TV and it just went out “No Signal” on my tv. The remote would not turn the channel or even turn it off. The power button would not turn it off. I unplugged it to try a reboot then it wouldn’t come on.

  10. I have bought 8 or so in the last 9 yrs; the newer ones would not play shows taped onto flashdrives on the older machines. None of them lasted more than 2 years and of course the warranty is only 1 yr. If a TV can last about 15-20 yrs why can’t a converter box!? Is there a better brand than ematic that can tape shows? I now have 2 that are working and 5 that are not!

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