Eero VPN Passthrough: Do you Need It?

eero vpn passthrough
eero vpn passthrough

Having an internet connection in your home can be helpful. This allows you to search for information that you require, call or text your friends and even watch movies. Aside from this, people also use the internet for their businesses.

They can send important data to each other through it which makes it easier for them to work. Even banks have started to offer online banking which utilizes the internet. Though, to use a wireless connection, you will be required to own a router. The company Eero has manufactured a device that makes this process easy for everyone.


Eero is a device that allows people to set up a complete Wi-Fi system in their homes. It will then deliver hyper-fast speed while ensuring that your data is always protected. The setup for this device is really simple and you should not have much trouble configuring it.

Though, in case you do, the company gives a manual along with the device that can be checked. It contains step-by-step guidance on how you can set up the system and start using it. Many features have been equipped on this device which makes it amazing. One of these is the VPN Passthrough.

Eero VPN Passthrough

The VPN Passthrough is a feature that lets users route their signals through another device that you have connected to your router. In this case, if you connect a device that is using VPN to your Eero then this service will be used. All the data coming from the system will then pass through the VPN which is not normally possible.

Even if you have the program enabled on the device that you using then your traffic will still be passed. Though you should note that the data is not private at this point. If you have any troubles regarding this then a recommendation is to get the Secure+ service offered by Eero. This lets you manage your VPN program while giving you access to an encrypted account. You can use a total of 5 accounts that have support to unlimited devices on them. This makes it easy to set up the service even if you are running a business and want the feature for your work usage.

Do You Need It?

If you are wondering if the VPN passthrough feature is essential for people to enable. Then the answer for it is ‘no’. Usually, newer VPN programs that have been coming out use different protocol servers. These do not require users to have a router with the passthrough feature enabled on them. The only requirement for you to access data through a VPN will be having a secured network.

This can easily be achieved if you are using a reliable service that has a good rating. There are many VPN programs that you can find on the internet that should do the job for you. In the end, the choice depends on the user to enable passthrough or not. The service will only benefit you if you want to use a connection that required IPsec or PPTP protocols. Both of these have now become outdated but the choice might vary depending on your use.

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