Is Intellistream Good Or Bad? (Explained_

intellistream good or bad
intellistream good or bad

In case you are using internet connections, and Belkin routers, in particular, you would know about Intellistream. To be honest, people don’t know about the feature and what it means. Similarly, they are asking if Intellistream good or bad. With this article, we are sharing information about this feature!

Intellistream – What Is It?

To begin with, it is the feature integrated into the Belkin routers that’s responsible for prioritizing gaming traffic, video traffic, and VoIP to ensure a better browsing experience. It’s basically the QoS (Quality of Service) tool to ensure services and gaming receive better internet bandwidth. With Belkin routers, the Intellistream is enabled manually.

It utilizes the speed test for monitoring the upload and download streams. As far as the question “is it good or bad?” is concerned, the automatic speed tests are not accurate and tend to fail down. As far as the performance of Intellistream is concerned, it’s pretty good, and you should enable it while using the Belkin router.

Intellistream Good Or Bad

On top of everything, it provides real-time graphs for the type of traffic that’s integrated into the network. In the section below, we are sharing various reasons why Intellistream is a good option!

Reducing Lag For Online Games

When it comes down to online gaming, you would know that it consumes bandwidth and has sensitivity towards latency. This is because the missed packets will result in unresponsiveness, lagging performance, and movement, along with disconnections. In some cases, such games can lead to rubber-banding. That being said, nobody wants lag in the game.

For this purpose, Intellistream will help optimize the internet performance for games. Even if you are using the regular Belkin router, the Intellistream feature will promise better performance for games.

Better Quality Of Video Chats

Imagine video chatting with Google Hangouts, Skype, and Discord, and the video stops appearing. Keep in mind that video chatting consumes the internet bandwidth. Similarly, the low bandwidth availability will result in inconsistent pictures. In all these cases, enabling Intellistream will promise a better quality of video chats without buffering or inconsistency in videos.

Improved Streaming

For everyone who needs to achieve improved video streaming, low internet bandwidth will cause issues. That being said, when you are using Belkin routers, you can enable the Intellistream feature for streamlining the video streaming. The best thing about Intellistream is that it will enhance the video streaming while ensuring download is going on smoothly.

Keeping Tab On High-End Downloading

One of the most promising reasons why you should enable Intellistream on the router is that it won’t only prioritize the traffic but it will also deprioritize the specific traffic. For instance, if some user is consuming too much internet bandwidth, Intellistream will ensure that people consume specific bandwidth. As a result, you will be able to browse the internet in peace.

Prioritization Of Traffic

If you are using a Belkin router for home, you would know that internet connection is divided among different devices, such as mobiles, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and more. However, there is always a device that needs a better internet connection. That being said, the Intellistream feature helps prioritize the traffic for specific devices, as you prefer.

In addition to the traffic prioritization, Intellistream will help prioritize applications as well. That being said, the users have the capacity to outline different prioritization levels that deliver the streamlined internet connection and performance.

Bandwidth Allocation

With Intellistream, the users will be able to prioritize the tunnels. In addition, it can expand the tunnels and will adapt to the different usage levels. It ensures that the bandwidth allocation is according to the needs of different apps. For instance, if you need to make multiple video calls, the tunnel will be expanded to accommodate the traffic. In addition, the bandwidth wastage will be reduced to a minimum.

Better Control Over Traffic

In particular, Intellistream will help users control the traffic. Moreover, it helps the users monitor the quality of the internet. Intellistream will ensure the internet packets are delivered in a proper sequence without losing the internet speed. Even more, the point-to-point management will be streamlined.

The bottom line is that Intellistream is a good feature to enable, and it will promise better internet prioritization. So, are you going to enable it?

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