Not Getting Full Internet Speed Through Ethernet: 7 Fixes

not getting full internet speed through ethernet
not getting full internet speed through ethernet

In this fast-paced world, internet connection has become a necessity. Generally, people opt for wireless connections but ethernet connections are preferred by people who want better internet connectivity. The ethernet connection tends to be more stable and the internet connection will be streamlined. On the contrary, “not getting full internet speed through ethernet” can be frustrating which is why we are sharing the solutions for you!

Not Getting Full Internet Speed Through Ethernet

1) Reboot The Computer

If you want a simple solution that can help fix the ethernet connection, you can try rebooting the computer or whichever device you are using the ethernet connection with. This simple reboot can fix the majority of connectivity issues. Not to mention, even if it doesn’t work, it’s worth trying before moving to the complex solutions.

2) Reboot The Network Adapter

Rebooting the network adapter is one of the quickest ways of fixing the ethernet connection issues. This is because the network adapter can bug out and will not deliver the ethernet connection properly. For this purpose, hit the windows and I keys and move to the network and internet tab. From this tab, move to the “change network settings,” and click on “change the adapter options.”

After this, right-click on the ethernet connection and press the disable button. Once you press the disable button, you have to wait for a few minutes and hit the enable button again. As a result, the ethernet connection will start working at the optimal speed.

3) Network Adapter Troubleshooter

If you are using the Windows system for using the ethernet connection, you can always opt for the network adapter troubleshooter. This is because the troubleshooter can scan for the issues and fix them. In this case, you have to write down network adapter in the start menu’s search bar and the network adapter troubleshooter will appear.

From the troubleshooter, press the advanced button and tap on automatic repairs. On the other hand, if “run as administrator” appears, you can press that button as well. As a result, the troubleshooter will scan the internet issues and fix them. In some cases, you might have to enter the account password of Windows account.

4) Reboot The Router

Even if you are using the ethernet connection, they come with routers for streaming the internet connection. That being said, you can reboot the router because it will reset the ethernet connection that’s coming into the home through the ISP. We are certain that rebooting the router will restore the ethernet connection.

As far as the rebooting method is concerned, there are various rebooting methods according to the router model. Generally, you can switch off the ethernet router and keep it off for a few minutes. After this time, switch on the router and connect to the ethernet connection again. However, it might take some time for ethernet connection to work properly, so wait for a few minutes.

5) Change The Port

In case you have connected the device directly to the switch or router, we suggest that you use a different port to see if it improves the ethernet connection. The routers and switches are designed with multiple ports and some work better than others. To illustrate, yellow or orange light is the non-gigabit speed while green light shows the gigabit speed. That being said, it’s best to talk to the network administrator for using the right port that delivers a faster ethernet connection.

6) Malware

Believe it or not, the ethernet connections can be slowed down if there are malware and viruses in the computer. This is because malware can consume excessive network resources which slow down the ethernet connection. That being said, you can download the antivirus program for detecting malware and virus.

Once the virus and malware are detected, the antivirus will delete them. Secondly, if you are using the Windows system, you can switch on the firewall for keeping the ethernet connection and device secure.

7) Ethernet Cable

When it comes down to ethernet connections, ethernet cable plays an essential role in determining the internet connection speed. First of all, if the ethernet cable is faulty or damaged, it can impact the signal connectivity. For this reason, you have to inspect the ethernet cables and replace them. Also, always chose branded cables to ensue promising ethernet connection.

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