Two DSL Lines In One House? (Is It Possible)

two dsl lines one house
two dsl lines one house

The technology has undergone a serious revamp, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that internet opportunities have come a long way as well. Internet utilization has been increasing over the years with which internet technologies have improved. One such internet technology is DSL, known as a digital subscriber line. This is one of the pioneers of the internet and has superior functionality. To be honest, the notion of high-speed internet started with DSL.

DSL utilizes the phone lines for data transmission and operates at a higher frequency. This is done, so there is no interference in the voice data. Consequently, you can use the internet and call someone concurrently without performance breakouts. The internet service providers add the filters as well to ensure that voice and internet data don’t intermingle or get mixed. The DSL speed ranges from 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps. In contrast to dialups, DSL provides internet speed 1100 folds better.

Methodology Behind DLS

The functionality and methodology of DSL are pretty simple because the special modem is provided by the internet service providers. Such modems are compatible with DSL only and the specific IP addresses. The computer is plugged with the modem. The modem usually has a splitter that acts as a filter to separate the internet and voice. The DSL lines are added to the ISP hub on the exterior side of the ball. The lines used are usually the ADSL lines.

This means that one line is bigger than the other side of the line, downloading and uploading ends, respectively. With this infrastructure, the upload speed will be slow or moderate, but the downloading speed will be enhanced. The quality of signals will be impacted by the distance of connection from the internet service provider hub. This means that if the internet service provider hub is far away, the internet service will be poor, and DSL access will be impacted.

Prerequisites of DLS Modem Connection

When it comes down to designing the DSL internet infrastructure, there are multiple things to consider, such as;

  • Modem – The DSL modems are special and can be attained from the internet service provider. The modems don’t work as good with other ISPs, which means that you’ll need a different router if you change the service provider. The internet service provider’s router will be leased, so you can buy one of your own too
  • Splitter – This is plugged into the phone line with two connections. The connections are used for the DSL and phone, with an aim to separate the data from other connections. With this notion, the functionality speed will enhance. The wiring and phone jack are essential, but the naked DSL line will work as well

Why Use DSL?

The DSL is faster as compared to dialups without compromising on affordability. As far as you are working in the range of 1.5 Mbps to 8 Mbps, the bill will be pretty low. There are nary issues of slow internet because there is no internet connection shareability because there will be no peak usage periods.

Are Two DSL Lines Possible In One House?

This verily depends upon the DSL type and phone line. With simple ADSL, two connections can be established with one pair. In the majority of cases, the phone copy will run the two cable pairs in one house. This is implemented to ensure that there us a spare line available in case of issues in other. This means that you can ask the ISP to design the second connection. However, you will need to check your house’s phone wiring.

Establishing Two DSL Connections At One Place

DSL is often termed as high-speed internet, but there are instances when one line isn’t suitable enough for a robust internet connection. So, when you’ve two DSL lines, the bandwidth will increase, leading to streamlined and efficient data transfer. So, have a look at how you can bond two connections into one house with the following steps;

  • Connect the computer or laptop with the DSL line, using the Wi-Fi connection or the ethernet cable
  • You can connect to two internet connections at one time in iOS and Windows devices, but you will be able to use only one. So, make sure you are connected to two different lines

Now, you can use the VPN service that will combine two DSL lines in the single bandwidth. This will help enhance internet speed, leading to faster transmission of data packets

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  1. Establishing Two DSL Connections At One Place

    DSL is often termed as high-speed internet, but there are instances when one line isn’t suitable enough for a robust internet connection.

    What modem will you need?

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