Optimum: Domain Not Found (7 Ways To Fix)

domain not found optimum
domain not found optimum

When it comes to internet connections, having a grasp on domain settings is essential. Optimum has optimized (no pun intended) the internet connections but domain not found error is one of the common issues. To summarize, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods to help you out!

Optimum: Domain Not Found

1) Type Right

Well, when you first enter the address or URL, it’s best to hit the enter and shift button at once, rather than only the enter button. As a result, the domain connectivity will be streamlined.

2) System Preferences

In case pressing the enter and shift button didn’t work, you could try changing the system preferences. For this purpose, you will need to change the DNS server entries through the system preferences. It’s best to add and Once these entries are added to the preferences, apply the settings and restart your device. We are pretty sure that the speed will be increased and domain errors will be eliminated.

3) DNS Server

To begin with, we are talking about the primary DNS services. One could try looking up for the public DNS servers, but Google is always there. Before you do that, you need to block the internet service provider’s site on the router because they can send the IP.

4) Chrome Host Cache

There are times when domain not found error incurs because you’ve installed the extension. So, clearing up the host cache will be able to help. For this reason, open Chrome and open the Incognito mode. Furthermore, select the new incognito window from the options and press ctrl, N, and shift keys. It will clear up the host cache from Google Chrome.

5) IP

For the most part, we are talking about resetting the IP through the ipconfig tool. This tool will display the configuration of the device’s IP stack. Moreover, this tool can be used for resetting the IP, along with the DNS client cache. As a result, it will renew the DHCP configuration.

6) DNS Client Service

DNS client service is responsible for caching the domain name system and it stores the information of the connected devices. However, the DNS names will be resolved when the service stops. With this being said, restarting the DNS client service will help resolve the domain not found error. So, open the dialog box on the computer and type in services.msc, and hit the OK button. Subsequently, it will open the service window from which you can hit the restart button.

7) Browser

In case the error is still there, we suggest that you tweak up the browser. Ideally, changing the browser should work out your issue. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome, you could shift to Firefox or Safari. On the contrary, if you don’t want to switch from Google Chrome, uninstall Google Chrome from your device and install it after some time.

There are various issues that could cause the domain not found an error. So, if the issue is still there, it’s better to call Optimum call center or customer support. As a result, they will share better fixes!

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