4 Ways To Fix Optimum Email Not Working

optimum email not working
optimum email not working

For any sort of customer, Altice, the creator of Optimum, has a solution, either with home or business networks or even with the newest streaming platforms on high-end Smart TVs.

The Netherlands-based French company also offers packages for telephones and mobiles, covering a large range of demands for domestic and international customers. The company is second in the list of French telecommunications companies, just behind the communications giant, Orange.

They are also known for innovating products for more specific desires, such as the new messaging system that allows users to keep in touch with their families, friends and colleagues with just a few clicks.

The practicality of the systems designed by Optimum is a key factor of their success both in Europe and in America. This includes their easily operated universal email inbox, which allows users to concentrate and access all their email addresses in one app.

Although the solutions offered by the French company operate smoothly most of the time, users eventually report crashes or malfunctioning, as they attempt to find both cause and solution for their issues. Unfortunately, their email system is no different in this regard.

If you have been experiencing problems with Optimum’s email platform and still couldn’t find either an explanation nor a solution, here is a troubleshooting guide that will help you find an easy fix and have the system working as it should.

Troubleshooting Optimum Email Not Working

  1. Log out From your Account And Log in Again

Log out From your Account And Log in Again

Users have reported that a common issue on their Optimum email platform is that sometimes it simply logs-out on its own. Although no such commands were given, the system just logs-out, which hinders users from accessing and managing their mailboxes.

Another issue reported under the same topic is that the mail system won’t load up after the system loads your various email accounts. This will very likely prevent users from being able to access their email platform.

Should you find yourself facing this same issue, simply logout from your account, wait a few moments, and attempt to login again. By doing so, you’re giving the system a command to reattempt to load the email platform, which should already be enough to have it working properly.

This easy fix sits on the top of our list due to its practicality, since any user should be able to perform it without any difficulties. Bear in mind that, as Optimum is an internet-based system, for it to function, the network connection should be running at least well enough not to cause any interruptions in the process.

  1. Check If You Have The Latest Firmware

Check If You Have The Latest Firmware

Electronics manufacturers cannot foresee all the possible issues their equipment or platforms may have for all the possible systems users run in their homes or businesses.

Nevertheless, once the manufacturers are made aware of an issue, and it is noticed that is not related to any malfunctioning of home or businesses´ equipment, they have the opportunity to have it fixed remotely.

This fix is usually brought about by updating the system’s firmware. This is essentially the component that allows the system, or software to run in the hardware, or equipment.

By updating the firmware, the whole system can be reconfigured to work more harmoniously with the equipment as well as automatically finding and solving issues that were not predicted by the manufacturers.

It is important to note – and this one goes to the less experienced users – that the updates will most likely not occur automatically, which means customers will have to look for released updates and install them on their systems.

While the company app developers are perfectly able to design the fixes and have them sent to you via system updates, it’s up to you to keep your system fresh and running as it should. So, keep on top of possible updates by checking every now and then.

On a final note, updated systems have a knack of working better with their features, so it may help your system with the automatic loading of the email platform when you access your account.

  1. Empty The Cache Frequently

Pretty much any electronic device nowadays has a cache, which is a storage unit for temporary files that help with the connectivity with both system features and installed apps.

While it consists of a helpful feature to speed up the starting of the system and the apps, it is not infinite in storage space, and when it gets full, it tends to work the other way around and end up slowing the loading of the apps or of the system itself.

Luckily, there is an easy fix to guide you through the cleaning of the cache on your system, and it can even be done through your phone.

If you have the Optimum app installed on your mobile, all you have to do is access the settings on your phone system, which should be easily reached via the notifications bar (a swipe up or down on the main screen of your mobile should make it appear).

Once you get to the list of settings, find the app’s options and scroll down until you see the Optimum Email app. When you click it, an option to clear the cache should be available. All you have to do is click that option to have the system erase the files and bring your cache storage to a clear state.

Once the cache is cleaned, just try opening the Email app and you should already notice faster loading speeds.

It is important to note that the cache will not be automatically cleaned, so this procedure should be done every now and then to make sure the system has enough cache space to run both itself and the apps properly.

  1. Delete And Install the Application Again

Delete And Install the Application Again

Finally, if you attempted all three fixes listed above and your Optimum Email app is still not working as it should or not even automatically loading when you start the system, there is one last easy fix you can attempt to solve this issue.

Sometimes, apps may undergo problems when they are being installed, which may cause them to malfunction or even to not load at all when they should. This issue can create a bug which will not allow some settings to work, like the one that has the Email app run automatically upon loading up the system.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily fixed by uninstalling the app, restarting the system, and then installing it again. This procedure should help the system get rid of any errors it may have had when the Email app was first installed, which will enable it to run smoothly afterwards.

To uninstall the app, find the applications settings on your system and delete the Optimum Email app. Then, visit the official website to make sure you are getting the correct application and download it.

After the download is finished, the system should prompt you to accept the installation and all you have to do is click ‘I accept’. The re-installation of the app will redo the settings and the feature should work without any problems.

In the event you still experience issues with the Optimum Email app after attempting all the fixes in this list, all you can do is contact Customer Support and schedule a technical visit with any of the well-trained professionals from the company.

They will be glad to help you understand the issue and walk you through all possible solutions.

11 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Optimum Email Not Working”

  1. I have spent 4 hours trying to get technical support and fix the problem with email access. I use this for my medical practice, so interruption is a real problem.
    I now get a recording saying there is a “technical issue preventing you from accessing your email” – but no explanation about what the problem is, and when this might occur. I can access via Outlook on my phone, but can’t store emails. One of your tech support people had me change the password for Optimum, so now neither my home desktop nor my work laptop work. But for some reason, the cellphone continues to access my emails without any problem. I can’t store the emails, however. What gives?

  2. I have already re-logged in, uninstalled/reinstalled thunderbird (my email client), and changed (per your instructions) the password. The only change is that now I can’t access or save emails on my home desktop or work laptop.

  3. Spent a couple of hours yesterday and still no progress. One of the support people said that Optimum would be “changing servers” and that it might take a month to get email back!
    I need to run a medical practice, which uses email intensively. This is not acceptable.
    I have been promised callbacks that never materialized.
    We’re now a week without access.

  4. I to was unable to access my emails since Oct. 24th
    I called support was told they were changing server. I asked why customers were not notified and was told once problem was fixed customers would be notified. However, I went to optimum.net logged into my account and was able see all of my emails.

  5. My problem started on the 24th Oct./2021,I signed in went to my mailbox and it looked like a new mailbox.I clicked on emails from my list of folders and none of them were visible.I tried everything I could think of but to no avail.
    I had called Optimum 3 days ago and was told they will call me back ,but received no calls. I need my mailbox to open when I go their for medical appointments and banking all that need daily attention.I can see some type of program changed because my mailbox looks different.My folders are all their but clicking on them gives no visual results.When will I get some help restoring my mailbox considering what I pay for their triple play offerings.?

  6. I also have been unable to get my email since Monday October 25th. What’s the story? Im starting a new job and it would be really nice to see if they’ve sent me emails!

  7. OMG what is going on with Optimum email? I was unable to access for 18 hours, told me it might be 3 days and they would “email me” when everything is fixed. How about keeping your customers in the loop as to what is going on! Awful.

  8. I have the same issue as Randall Nelson above. Cannot access my optimum email from desktop Mac, only from my iphone. What is the problem and what is the fix?

  9. Nov. 14 2021- I am not getting any emails on my iPhone since Nov. 11, 2021. I have work appointments that are being responded to on my account and can’t get the messages?What is going on?

  10. I am having problems sending out emails (everything from the contacts, changing fonts, typing, etc.) … and as others have mentioned, now my other email account (also with optimum) that I usually go back and forth between will not show up. I literally have to sign in and out to see the two different email accounts (they use to be on the same screen and I could go to each one). This is horrible! Is this something Optimum is working on – I’ve emailed them and no response. I may have to switch everything to G Mail.

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