Does Skyroam Work On Cruise Ships? (Answered)

does skyroam work on cruise ships
does skyroam work on cruise ships

The internet has become the ultimate necessity for people, and Wi-Fi is the most convenient form of staying connected to the internet. However, many people struggle with internet connectivity while enjoying the cruises. The majority of cruises have their Wi-Fi connection, but it tends to be extremely slow as they use satellite connections instead of a cellular network. The satellite connections need an unobstructed line between the satellite and cruise ship to offer high-speed connectivity, which is not possible. For this reason, mobile hotspots have become the ultimate favorite of users, and Skyroam is the most promising choice. So, if you are wondering, “does Skyroam work on cruise ships?” we are here to help!

Does Skyroam Work On Cruise Ships?

Opting for a mobile hotspot before the cruise ship is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways of maintaining the internet connection even when you are rolling on the water. They allow the users to connect to the internet through palm-sized devices – these devices are incredibly easy to use and have an affordable price factory. Having said that, Skyroam is a great choice for people who need to rent or purchase a mobile hotspot device.

This is a small mobile hotspot device that can fit in your bag and offers unlimited wireless coverage in over 100 countries. For less than $10 a day, you can connect and use the internet on over five devices at once, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The best thing about using Skyroam is that you only pay for the days that you use the internet. It has been integrated with a battery, which works for over 16 hours once the device is fully charged.

The best thing about Skyroam is that it operates as a power bank to keep the devices charged while on the go. As far as the cruise ships are concerned, Skyroam surely works on the cruise ships, but it comes down to the coverage map. That’s because Skyroam only offers internet connectivity when you are around the ports or on the land where there is sufficient cell reception. In simpler words, it works when you are cruising closer to the port and not when you are far out in the sea.

Having said that, Skyroam is a suitable choice when you are going on a river cruise or barge cruise. This is because Skyroam has partnered up with hundreds of cellular service providers to offer internet services – they are offering internet coverage in more than 130 countries. Coming back to the internet coverage, Skyroam works pretty well around the ports and river cruises, but you cannot depend on it if you have to go farther away into the sea and if you have to cruise out in the ocean.


At this point, it’s evident that there is great internet coverage when you are around the port. However, the coverage also depends on the location. Currently, Skyroam offers coverage in 44 countries of The Americas, 42 countries in Europe, 23 countries in Asia, 3 countries of the South Pacific, 9 countries in Africa, and 10 countries in the Middle East. For the exact information about which countries have the coverage, you can check the map available on the Skyroam website.

Other Ways Of Staying Connected While On The Cruise Ship

If you are unable to use Skyroam because of coverage issues, the best option is to use the internet connection available on the cruise ship itself. That’s because the majority of cruise ships have their satellite internet connections, and since the technology has improved, there are high chances that the internet speed will be good. You can go sit on the deck as the internet signals are usually better when you are under the sun.

However, if the satellite connection is not available on the cruise ship or is very slow, you can opt for mobile roaming, but it’s an expensive option and is only suitable for people who use the internet occasionally. Keep in mind that some network providers don’t allow mobile roaming instantly, and you’ve to call them to activate the roaming. So, if you opt for the data roaming option, try to limit the consumption because the bill adds up pretty quickly.

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