Choosing The Best External Antenna for NETGEAR Nighthawk M1

best external antenna for netgear nighthawk m1
best external antenna for netgear nighthawk m1

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 offers internet speed up to 1Gbps which is more than sufficient for a mobile hotspot device. Apart from great internet speeds, you get good signal strength throughout your devices as well. However, some users might face internet strength issues with their NETGEAR hotspot routers. That being said, you can easily boost up your network connection by adding boosters or external antennas to your hotspot router. Therefore we will provide you with a list of the best external antenna for NETGEAR nighthawk M1 to boost its broadband performance.

Best External Antenna for NETGEAR Nighthawk M1

Why Are Antennas Useful?

External antennas have a significant impact on your data rates, overall signal strength, and internet speed. The primary function of these antennas is to eliminate interferences that disrupt your signals to provide higher data rates per second, resulting in amazing high-speed internet and robust strength.

Furthermore, external antennas promote a feature known as “carrier aggregation.” This feature means aggregating your frequency bandwidths. This means that your hotspot router can operate on multiple frequency bands at the same time, which is a great addition to your already well-equipped router. That being said, if your router was having difficulty reaching out to the frequency bands due to large structures, attaching external antennas will aid in more efficiently accessing the bands. Furthermore, they can escalate your signal strength which results in greater connectivity and higher data rates.

Your NETGEAR nighthawk M1 has two external antenna ports, so if you need to connect a booster to improve your broadband connection, you can do so easily using the ports on the back of your router. Because these are TS9 ports, you can connect MIMO (multiple input, multiple outputs) antennas to your hotspot router.

MIMO Panel Antenna Kit: Talking about the external antennas you can effectively connect these antennas which will assist in providing a stronger signal connection if you live in an area with big structures such as buildings. This will potentially improve your signal quality by preventing interference that disrupts your network connection.

MIMO Log periodic Antenna Kit: You can also go for what is usually recommended when your NETGEAR towers are directly in sight. These are directional antennas and deliver you higher data rates and improved performance.

Wilson Signal 4G: another good choice for connecting external antennas to your router is the Wilson Signal. You can connect these antennas to your hotspot router utilizing the TS9 adapters.

Signal Repeaters: in the case of signal repeaters you have quite a good list of antennas to choose from. These types of boosters reciprocate the signals from outdoors to indoors which helps in improved signal strength. These include.

  1. TS-9 Antenna Adapter with SMA Female Connector is best for hotspot routers.
  2. TS-9 External Antenna Adapter Plus 3db Wilson Antenna which can easily fit into TS9 ports and provide you with both the Magnet as well as External mount antennas.
  3. HotSpot Antenna – Mini Magnetic Mount Antenna with TS-9 Adapter Cable works for TS9 ports which can improve your 4G LTE signal.

Positioning Of Antennas:

One thing that should be kept in noticed is the right positioning of the antennas. Even though it is quite easy to install antennas on each of the ports but it is crucial to position them correctly. Make sure that you connect your antennas to ports tightly and securely. Take your connected device outside and check specific locations where your antennas work best based on the speed tests. We recommend that you try your house or building’s rooftop or side walls. Try each location and see when you reach the top speed at any point. Install your antennas and connect everything to get high-speed data transmission.


Attaching external antennas to your NETGEAR nighthawk M1 can relatively improve your signal strength and broadband speeds. You can effectively connect your antennas utilizing the ports provided by NETGEAR to get higher data rates and a robust connection. If you live in an area where signal strength is compromised due to structures then external antennas are a great alternative.

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