DirecTV Too Many Active Locations: 6 Ways To Fix

directv too many active locations
directv too many active locations

DirecTV is one of the prime choices for people who need entertainment services. Like any other streaming platform, the users can use DirecTV on multiple devices.

For instance, DirecTV allows the users to use the account on two devices at a time while five devices are allowed with DirecTV regular. On the other, if there are DirecTV too many locations, you won’t be able to stream the content as you like. So, in this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods for you!

DirecTV Too Many Active Locations

1) Location Limits

When you are concerned about too many active locations with DirecTV, well, we suggest counting the active location at first. In case you are using the Genie DVR, the main unit can be used to offer three mini locations. With this being said, if you already have three mini locations, the message will appear on the screen. Consequently, you will need to switch off one location from the network in case you want to switch on the fourth location.

2) What If You Already Have Right Location Count?

Some people only have three locations switched but are still receiving the too many active locations error, it’s likely to be an internal software issue. With this being said, you need to reset the main Genie DVR by pressing the reset button on the unit. Depending on the unit, the reset button will be available at the side or behind the unit. The reset button will be colored red.

Once you press the red reset button, it will take around five to ten minutes for completing the reset. After the completion of reset, the errors are highly likely to be removed.

3) Client Reboot

In case you are trying to connect the Genie DVR with the client, we suggest that you reboot and reset the client. For rebooting the client, you need to take out the power cords and insert them again after ten minutes. Once you reboot the client, just try connecting to the location again and you won’t have any issue.

4) Replace The Minis

For everyone struggling with the location issue even after the right location count with Genie DVR, there are high chances that minis have been curated with hardware issues. With this being said, just replace the minis with the HD DVRs. In addition to HD DVRs, you can also use the receivers.

5) Cords

In case you are using the damaged or frayed cables with Genie DVR and DirecTV clients, it will lead to errors and excessive location count issues. With this being said, just replace the damaged cables with new ones for better performance.

6) Jacks & Ports

Whenever you are dealing with the boxes and units, you must ensure that all the ports and jacks are securely installed. This is because if the jacks are loose or improperly connected, it will adversely impact the quality of the performance. With this being said, just connect the jacks into the right port (you can take color-coded help).

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