No Account Returned From UPDA: 4 Ways To Fix

no account returned from upda
no account returned from upda

Have you ever received a message saying no account return from UPDA? Probably if you are a Roku user, then you must have witnessed such issues. The reason may vary, but almost every Roku customer has been through this issue. So, what will you be doing if you face this issue?

No Account Returned From UPDA, it is an error that many of us have faced while trying to watch different channels on the Roku device or even while playing some game. But, how on Earth are we going to resolve this issue. If you are stuck with such a problem, then why not try to give this article a good read. It will help you to resolve all of the issues mentioned above.

How to Resolve No Account Returned From UPDA

There exist various methods that you may try to resolve when you receive a message saying No Account Returned from UPDA. This thing happens mostly after an update or when there is an issue with a certain channel. Below, we will let you know about some of the best methods to resolve your problems related to the issue, as mentioned above. Follow these steps to get rid of all of the problems that you are facing.

1) Restarting the Roku Device

Don’t know whether you have noticed or not, but restarting your Roku device is the panacea to all the illnesses. Whether you face issues related to the reboot loop, the slow connection of now when your device shows that no account returned from UPDA, restarting the Roku device can be your ultimate solution.

First of all, when you restart the Roku device, it will eliminate everything that was not good while running the device. Moreover, when you restart, give the device rest for more or less two to three minutes. It will help you increase the quality of your device, and if everything goes the right way, you will be able to get rid of the issue you are facing.

So, whenever you’re stuck in such a condition, the first and foremost thing that you will be doing is restarting your Roku device to check if the matter is resolved or not. If yes, then well and good, and if no, we have other solutions too.

2) Uninstall the App

If you’re facing any issue related to no account returned from UPDA, then the most suitable and easiest way to get rid of it is uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. Most of the users receive such kind of message when they update their device or app. If you have also done such a thing, then uninstalling and then reinstalling the same app will do the good for you after some time. Trying this method will help you to resolve your issue to some extent.

3) Reboot the Device

Like uninstalling the app, if you reboot the device, it will also help you resolve such issues. When you reboot your device, you are giving it a new life to live. Rebooting a device makes it as new as it was at the time of purchase. Moreover, if you have an issue about no account returned from UPDA, it may be because you have updated the device. So, rebooting the device will resolve all such issues.

4) Change the Password

If you have not changed your password for so long, then it is possible that the issue that you are facing regarding no account returned from UPDA may be due to the old password. Sometimes the problem is with your password, and most of the time, the thing is that many users are using your id due to easy access to your device password.

These are some of the reasons that may lead you to the issue that you faced earlier. So, the best possible solution to get rid of this issue is by changing your device password. It will secure your device and help you to navigate more swiftly.


In the article, we have mentioned some of the best solutions to overcome the issue when your device shows you that no account returned from UPDA. The article will assist you in resolving all of the issues related to it. Moreover, the article has provided you with some of the tips to make your device efficient.

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