DirecTV Recording Shows On Its Own: 4 Ways To Fix

directv recording shows on its own
directv recording shows on its own

DirecTV is a common brand that offers DVRs for recording content. These DVRs are designed with high-quality design and advanced features that allow the users to record whatever content that they like. However, some of the users complain about DirecTV recording shows on its own but we have got the solutions for this!

DirecTV Recording Shows On Its Own:

When it comes down to the random showing of DirecTV recordings, various users have complained about this issue. With this issue, the DVR records the shows on its own, and also, it records the shows from the channel that users haven’t subscribed to. For the most part, it restricts the users from watching the shows and also consumes space in the DVR.

In case you are wondering what’s causing this issue, there is no information available about this. That’s because even DirecTV hasn’t passed a statement about this issue. Now, if you want to fix the issue, we have the solutions for you!

1) Delete The Shows

The easiest solution for fixing abrupt and automatic recording is to delete the recorded content or shows. The users have the option to delete the specific recordings on their own. However, if the DirecTV DVR is already full, it might delete the recordings on its own. The downside of automatic deleting is that it can delete some recordings that you actually wanted to keep.

2) A New Add-On

DirecTV has also stated that they will launch a new add-on for the DVR. With this add-on, the users will have access to one hundred hours of storage. However, DirecTV still has to launch this new add-on but the users are hoping that they launch the fix first. For more information about this add-on, you can call DirecTV customer support.

3) Turn Off Recording

If you have already deleted the unwanted recordings but DirecTV keeps recording on its own, you can simply switch off the recording. For this purpose, we are sharing the instructions for turning off recording on DirecTV. To begin with, the users have to disable the access for an external device on the DVR by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press the menu button on the DVR’s remote control and choose settings
  • From the settings, open the whole-home option and scroll down to the external device
  • Now, choose the external access option and set it to “disable”
  • In addition, you need to choose the disable option for the current program and recordings
  • As a result, the recordings will stop

4) Internet Connection

While we are trying to fix the automatic recording and showing of the content on DirecTV, how can we forget about the internet connection? This is because the streaming and recording can be fixed by cutting the internet connection to the DVR. In addition, keep in mind that you will have to connect to the internet again if you want to record something on your own.

The bottom line is that there are no specific troubleshooting methods suggested by DirecTV but there are some way-around that you can try. So, follow them and see if it solves your issue!

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