DirecTV Delay Changing Channels: 5 Ways To Fix

directv delay changing channels
directv delay changing channels

Imagine watching two channels at once because both of them have your desired shows, but the channels are delaying; that’s a bummer. People who need on-demand channels often opt for DirecTV because they have designed various TV packages.

That being said, the users are complaining about DirecTV delay changing channels. For this purpose, we have designed this article with solutions to fix the delaying changing in TV channels.

DirecTV Delay Changing Channels

1) Weak Signals

With DirecTV, you are highly likely to use the set-top box. The set-top box needs strong internet signals to work properly. That being said, if changing the channels is delayed, there are high chances that the internet signals are weak. In that case, you have to reboot the internet router. The router can be rebooted by switching it off for five minutes.

After five minutes, you can switch on the router, and the internet signals will be better. If rebooting the internet router doesn’t improve the internet signals, you have to change the internet package. This is because some internet packages offer slow internet speed while some offer a high-speed internet connection. That being said, opt for a better connection.

2) Antenna

If you are using DirecTV, you must have the set-top box, but it connects to the satellite dish and/or antenna. That being said, if you are experiencing a delay in changing the channels, you have to check the alignment of the antenna or satellite dish. We suggest that you realign them to receive the strong and high-end signals.

3) Reboot

Before we add more details, let us tell you that you need to reboot the receiver. Also, the receiver must be rebooted twice to ensure the channel streaming is streamlined. For a reboot, you have to press the red button on the DirecTV receiver (it is usually available on the side). Once you push it, you need to wait, and when live TV appears, you need to press the red button again.

As a result, logs will be cleared from the receiver, and it will enhance the channel performance. Keep in mind that clearing the log will lead to slow performance for half an hour, but the performance will be enhanced after an hour, for sure. Even more, the reboot will ensure that changing the channels is quick and improved.

4) RF Remote

Generally, people use the IR remotes with DirecTV remotes, but these remotes can be extremely slow, and the functionality will be hindered. To fix this issue, we suggest that you opt for the RF remote. You must keep in mind that RF remote tends to respond faster, and it will improve the channel changing speed as well. To illustrate, the RF signals are stronger, hence improved performance.

5) Batteries

In addition to changing the remote, we suggest that you change the batteries as well. This is because the batteries will wear out with and the performance will be tarnished. That being said, you need to change the batteries in your remote that you are using with the DirecTV receiver. Also, always buy remote batteries from a high-quality and reputed brand.

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