All About DirecTV Account Stacking

directv account stacking
directv account stacking

Using your DirecTV account at some other locations that you have not registered for, either you are taking it on your RV or you’re moving it to another house is technically illegal according to the companies contract that you have signed. There are fewer chances that DirectTV determines that you are violating the contract. However, it should seem bad to you that you are not anymore following a good citizen pattern. So many times you decide to go on a road trip and It can become fun if you carry your Directv service along with you.

However, the company has some rules for their device and lets you take it along with you.

Although, thousands of people are using DirecTV at locations other than they have registered for because it’s very difficult to purchase different DirecTV equipment and activating it for other locations every time. Not only this but the receivers that you have paid for are also leased devices and they are not your property, and the company has rights on them.

Now DirecTV has found out ways to determine where their receiver is located so it will be risky for those people who were traveling with their receivers. Well, you don’t need to worry about it as there are legal ways to travel with your DirecTV receiver and you can use it in other locations than your house. There is a possibility that you can use your DirecTV service in two places and pay a bill for only one of them.

DirecTV Account Stacking

Bill For One Using At Two Locations

Change The Billing Address

  1. You can let this happen by changing your billing address when you move to the other location. This is valid and legal and you can do it so many times but with a certain period of gap. Make sure that you do not do it every time because it can make the company suspect you.
  2. The benefit of doing this is you can avail local channels of the area that you have moved to.
  3. It can also make you fair in the companies sight and you can be a good customer
  4. You will be safe when they determine with your internet address that you are not in the location you have registered for.

Make Two Accounts, Suspend One At A Time.

  1. Directv allows you to suspend your package or service for about six months and you can revive your account with no effort at all. 30 days can be the minimum time company has allowed for suspending your service.
  2. This way you can have two accounts and it will be easy for you to manage both separate accounts with different packages.
  3. You can suspend any of your accounts four times a year easily.
  4. One other benefit of the suspending account is that if you’re going on a long vacation you don’t want to use service or pay for it then it will save you a lot of money.

Hopefully, this blog has answered all your questions regarding account stacking.

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