7 Ways To Fix Cox Self-Activation Not Working

cox self activation not working
cox self activation not working

We are pretty sure that you have wireless connections but choosing the right one also matters. People often choose Cox because they have a self-activation feature, so you don’t have to hire a technician. But still, some new users are complaining about the Cox self-activation not working. However, there is nothing to worry about because we have outlined various troubleshooting methods in this article!

How To Fix Cox Self-Activation Not Working?

1. Prerequisites

When the equipment is delivered by Cox to your doorstep, you need to ensure that all the tools are added to the box. This is because if you don’t have all the tools and accessories, it will become too hard to use the self-activation and installation feature. It is suggested to check the contents of the box before accepting it.

2. Cables

While using the self-activation feature, the users must ensure that all the cables and cords are working properly and are secured tightly. With Cox, there are power cords, ethernet cables, and coaxial cables as they help optimize the connection and signal transmission. With this being said, all the cables must be free from damages or continuity issues. So, use the right cables and ensure they are in intact form.

3. Electrical Components

Cables and cords are not the only components used with Cox because some people also use signal splitters and cable filters. However, if these electrical components are not working optimally, the self-activation will not work. You can use the multimeter for checking these components, and if there are any issues, replace them. In addition, they can also lead to signal interferences, so remove them altogether.

4. Modem Location

If you haven’t placed the Cox modem at the right location, the self-activation will not work. This is because the modem must be placed at the central location and set it up. Once the modem is set at the central location, the internet signal transmission will be transmitted uniformly. Similarly, the central location of the modem will make the self-activation work.

5. Reboot

No, we aren’t going to ask you to reboot the router or modem. On the contrary, we are asking you to reboot the PC or laptop because it helps streamline the configuration. As a result, once the PC or laptop switches on, you will be able to use the self-activation feature. In addition, the reboot will prevent the adverse impacts of power surges that might be leading to issues.

6. Power

Believe it or not, even if you have switched on the modem or router, it might be not powered properly if the power outlet is not working optimally. For the same reason, try to connect the router or modem to the power outlet with a stable power source. The easiest way is to use a different power outlet as compared to the one that you are using right now.

7. Wireless Information

In case the self-activation is not working with Cox, there are chances that wireless information is incorrect. You can use the information, such as network name and key from the quick reference card. This information will streamline the configuration!

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