7 Ways To Fix Cox Outgoing Mail Server Not Working

cox outgoing mail server not working
cox outgoing mail server not working

Cox is the prime communication service provider and they are famous for the extensive range of plans. Similarly, people tend to use their mail system for high-end servers, but guess what? Some Cox users are still complaining about Cox’s outgoing mail server, not working issues. For this purpose, we are sharing the methods that can resolve these issues.

How To Fix Cox Outgoing Mail Server Not Working?

1. SMTP Configuration

When you are using the outgoing mail server from Cox, you need to ensure the correct SMTP configuration. Similarly, if the SMTP configuration is incorrect, it will lead to an error. So, we suggest that you check the SMTP configuration and correct the settings. In some cases, people accidentally add the wrong configuration details while manual entering, so correct the configuration details and you will be good to go.

2. Server Malfunction

People usually start blaming their phones, devices, or routers when the outgoing mail server doesn’t work with Cox. However, it might be the outcome of server malfunctioning at Cox’s end. If that’s the potential reason, it’s better that you call customer support and let confirm if the server is down. If they nod to the query, you will need to wait until their technical team fixes the issues.

3. Firewall

To ensure higher security and protection, people often use the firewall and antivirus programs on their devices. However, these programs and software can lead to the outgoing mail server not working. For this reason, if you have enabled the firewall or downloaded the antivirus program, we suggest that you switch them off. Once they are switched off, try sending the email and it’s probably going to work.

4. Server Settings

One might not understand but ensure correct server settings is extremely important. Similarly, the server settings must match the email account of Cox. These server settings must be ensured on the devices you are using to access the outgoing mail server on Cox.

5. Internet Connection

Truth be told, the weak internet connection is one of the major reasons behind the non-workability of the outgoing mail server. So, it’s best to take the speed test and ensure that the internet is working properly. In case the internet signals are weak, restart the modem as it refreshes the internet signals and you will be able to access the working outgoing mail server.

6. Account Details

While you are using the outgoing mail server with Cox, you need to ensure the correct credentials. For instance, you must enter the correct username, name, and password because it can directly influence your access to the mail server. With this being said, check the account details, and correct them if needed.

7. Account Type

For people who are using the outgoing mail server with Cox, the account type and settings will matter a great deal. To begin with, the account type must be set to IMAP as it’s the right configuration to access the outgoing mail server. In addition to this, the users must enable the TLS and SSL settings on the account. If both SSL and TLS settings are not available, you can enable the ones available and it will fix the error.

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