MiFi 7730L vs AC791L – Choosing The Best

MiFi 7730L vs AC791L
MiFi 7730L vs AC791L

A cell phone signal booster or a repeater is usually made up of three main parts: an amplifier, an exterior antenna, and an interior antenna. To boost a cellular reception they form up a wireless system.

The main purpose of a cell phone signal booster is to amplify all the existing cell phone signals around the office, room, or environment in which you are present.

Out of the three components, the exterior antenna is responsible for the capture of the weak signals that are about to be amplified. The amplifier’s power is measured in dBm.

The amplifier boosts the weak signal and the boosted signal is sent back into the environment through the interior antenna. The rebroadcasted signal in the area helps in ending poor reception, dropped calls, and the internet that is stuttering.

Many of the cell phone signal boosters include Analog Signal Repeaters and Smart Signal Boosters that help in their own respective ways to amplify and boost the signals.

The analog ones are common these days while the smart ones are slightly expensive but come with better features and functions. The analog ones are also known as Bi-Directional amplifiers and are generally used for radio use as well.

Many of the signal boosters boost reception to hotspots like a Verizon Jetpack, which catches these signals from the outside and amplifies them in the area where we place the hotspot device.

If there is no access to landline internet, using a Verizon Jetpack might actually help, as it is the perfect working cellular solution available. It is a 4G LTE mobile hotspot that is offered by Verizon as a solution for a problem like this.

Devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc. can be connected to this hotspot device as it lets up to 15 devices to connect. If there is a poor cellular signal, you will not be able to enjoy fast and reliable internet to send important e-mails or chat with friends and colleagues.

Other than that, this 4G LTE device makes sure you do. The Verizon Jetpack signal booster takes the 2G, 3G, or 4G LITE signals and amplifies them, the boosted signal is improved and assures reliability, good internet surfing, and coverage.

MiFi 7730L vs AC791L:

The MiFi 7730L and AC791L are some of the models offered by Verizon that are considered as good hotspot devices. To find out which one is better, so MIFI 7730L vs AC791L? To find this out there is a need to know about the similarities and differences of both of these models.

MiFi 7730L

Verizon introduced this Jetpack flagship device in 2017. The first touch-screen hotspot device that was introduced by the company and that makes it easy to navigate. The device is also classy and has a sleek design than the older ones.

It also consists of a big 4,400mAh battery inside it. The backside has the Nano-SIM card slot, the power button, and the USB-A port. The device that weighs around 5.4 ounces has the best modem Verizon has to offer.

For business and personal use, the device also allows private file sharing as well as administrative functions that are advanced. With the best speeds and frequency, this device also works on various frequency bands.

This new modem of the device ensures 50% faster hotspot speed and the Wi-Fi range of this Jetpack device is amazing. Moreover, the battery is not that great but it lasts for around 10 to 11 hours.

For increased security and better performance, the device also offers a guest network. It also features dual-band Wi-Fi. It is easy to use and is one of the best devices Verizon had to offer because of its spectacular performance and speed.

However, it is the battery life, which undermines it, but maybe great power consumption is required to deliver superior performance.


Introduced way before 2017, this hotspot device by Verizon is still a champion for the people. It can even charge your mobile phone and has a long-lasting battery that is unbeatable.

It provides fast, reliable 4G LTE internet at an amazing speed and the best thing about this hotspot device is that it can be used abroad, so it is a great option for business users. It has a 4,340mAh battery in the soft black back body as well as the SIM card slot.

It is made of smooth plastic and the size is very compact as you can even slide it inside your pocket. The buttons, however, are somewhat sluggish and hard to use but are functional. However, for a portable and fast device, it is bearable.

The device has the feature to let you switch from a 2.4 GHz bandwidth to a 5 GHz one. If your phone needs to charge you can use this hotspot device to charge it until it drops to 25%.

It is easy to add a guest network on the device, and set up a protected and secured Wi-Fi connection.

The device lets you surf at the highest speeds and offers the latest bandwidth as well as lets you connect around 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time. The real-time battery life this device has to offer is more than 20 hours and that is what makes this hotspot device one of the best to use.

If you need lots of battery life, this is the best choice as it doubles as a backup battery as well.

Final Verdict

To conclude the MiFi 7730L VS AC791L rivalry, we can say that the AC971L is definitely at an edge. It offers much more than the latest MIFI 7730L model.

However, it all depends on the requirement of the user; some want more battery life wholesome to want more WiFi range. If it is the WiFi range then, the MiFi 7730L is the winner and if it is about the battery then the AC791L is clearly the victor.

The MiFi 7730L model has a touch screen, which is easy to use while the AC791L has touch navigation buttons.

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