7 Ways To Fix Comcast CMT Not Authorized

comcast cmt not authorized
comcast cmt not authorized

If you are fond of music and have Comcast, we are pretty sure that you would have a CMT channel. That’s to say because it’s the country music channel and is available to the users who have subscribed to the digital preferred packaging.

On the other hand, some users have Comcast CMT not authorized error, but we have the troubleshooting methods to fix the issue!

How To Fix Comcast CMT Not Authorized?

1. Channel Down

Before initiating the troubleshooting methods, it’s better that you ensure there is no service outage issue. For this reason, it’s better to call Xfinity or Comcast, and they will provide the information. In case there is a service outage, you will need to wait until the engineers fix it up. On the contrary, if the channel isn’t down, you can follow the fixes below!

2. Resetting The TV Box

In case Comcast is showing the “not authorized” error on CMT, you should reset the TV box. For this reason, switch off the TV box and remove the power cable from the box as well as from the power source. Then, wait for almost thirty seconds and add the power cable again. Once you have installed the cable and switch on the TV Box, wait for two minutes to ensure TV box properly establishes the connection.

3. TV Package

If resetting the TV box didn’t fix the issue, we suggest that you check the TV packaging. That’s to say because the channel might not be included in the package subscription. It’s better that you sign in, go to the Manage TV option from the My Services tab. Then, tap on the “view channels” option, and it will showcase the channels. If CMT is already available, it’s suggested to call Comcast and have them look at the issue.

4. VCR Channel

If the “not authorized” error is associated with the blue screen, something is wrong with the VCR channel. You can change to channel 3 or channel 4. For changing the VCR channel, you can use the VCR unit buttons or the buttons on the remote control.

5. Video Mode

If the TV is not running on the video mode, such errors are likely to persist. The users can change the video mode by toggling the options after pressing the mode button; then, choose the TV option. The second way is to press the menu and scroll down to the mode option. From this mode, choose TV and you will be able to access CMT.

6. Connection

In some cases, the “not authorized” error will be on the screen if the set-top box is not plugged properly. You need to check the connection cables and ensure all of them are plugged in tightly. Also, the set-top box should be switched on for users to access the CMT channel.

7. DTA Tracker

When the DTA tracker doesn’t add up properly on the system, you will need to check that. In some cases, the DTA tracker might be missing. If users are suspecting this issue, it’s better to call the customer representative, and they will share refresh your connection. As a result, the DTA tracker will be added, and users will be able to access the CMT channel!

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