Why Am I Seeing Chicony Electronics On My Network?

chicony electronics on my network
chicony electronics on my network

It is not new that desktops need a mouse and a keyboard to operate most of their functionalities. Although there is an infinity of brands, designs and features on these so-called input devices, every user has their own favourite manufacturer.

And, most of these input devices are not there to perform essential tasks, rather than to provide a better or more joyful experience. Who does not own a webcam nowadays? Since video chat has become more popular and less demanding for computers, people rarely keep their faces away from the screen.

When it comes to mobiles, it is no different, except of course, for the lack of input devices. Still, people want to see and be seen, and for that, they usually need an input device such as a webcam.

With the variety of manufacturers out there, it can take quite some time before one can finally choose between the selected few that meet their desired specifications.

For users who seek the best cost-benefit ratio or for those who do not count pennies when buying electronics, there are brands for all tastes and demands.

This ever-growing business stretches throughout the whole planet, with production areas established more often in countries with lower minimum wages and/or looser labour laws.

As some electronics manufacturers keep seeking the latest technology for their computers and devices, delivering the top-notch gaming gear, for example, others look to increase their sales for more affordable prices.

The first will most likely be present in grand technology events, bringing their newest technologies while the latter will be inside every single small electronics shop in town.

Any way you cut it, electronics manufacturers are making the big bucks, especially with the current, but outdated, culture of waste.

Following that trend, users enjoy their electronics until they start displaying their first signs of failure or malfunction, which turns the key and leads these users into seeking a more recent model or simply getting a new one instead of attempting to get it fixed.

In the end, with all the options users have, it mostly comes to two things: how much money is one willing to spend and does one have a favourite brand?

Why Does Chicony Electronics On My Network?

Why Does Chicony Electronics On My Network

Talking about more affordable brands who make sure to be present in local shops everywhere, Chicony stands out as one of Taiwan’s best selling electronics manufacturers.

Designing video and image products, keyboards, cameras amongst other peripherals (term for the devices you can connect to a computer that have no essential role on the functioning of the machine).

Chicony is largely present not only in Southern Asia, but in Europe and America as well. This large success is mostly attributed to the affordability of its products, making it a profitable option even for businesses of every size.

Another noticeable feature of more expensive products is their longevity, or at least for most of these less affordable products, users can attest for their durability.

While more affordable products tend not to last as much, they get replaced every now and then for other less expensive devices in the attempt of not overshooting businesses’ budgets. That seems to be the mission of Chicory, as the manufacturer becomes more present by the day both in homes and in offices.

For some, Chicory may as well be even too present, for they keep noticing the company’s devices in the list of available devices upon checking their Wi-Fi list.

Yes, that is exactly what has been reported by users in many online forums and Q&A communities, in the attempt of finding both an explanation and an answer for this strange presence.

According to these reports, upon reaching the list of devices able to perform Wi-Fi connections with their computers, users are noticing Chicory devices therein.

As weird as it may sound, as the Taiwanese manufacturer specializes in peripherals and they are not usually connected via wireless networks, they have been reported to be popping up here and there. But is it malicious?

Should you find yourself amongst those users, first thing you want to do is check if you own any Chicory’s devices. If you do own one of their products then that is the reason why it appears on the list of devices, as any other gadget that can connect to the internet would.

If that is the case, simply ignore it as it will do you no harm whatsoever. The bigger issue here is what if I do not own any Chicory products… Why does it keep showing on my list of devices to connect?

As reported by some users, the lack of action towards that situation has even caused people to have their personal banking information stolen. Therefore, in order not to see your personal information made available for the public, you should definitely do something.

What Can I Do To Prevent It?

The easiest and first thing you should consider doing in that situation is to block the connection, which can easily be done through the network settings. Once you reach the general settings on your computer, locate and access the network settings.

From there you can reach the list of nearby devices that are able to connect with your computer. If you right-click any of the devices on the list, there will be an option to block the connection.

Once you perform the procedure, the device will no longer appear on your list and your network will no longer be available for that device to connect to.

It is like cutting both ends of the line, so the MAC address of Chicory is set into a banned status and a new command to allow connections from that source will be needed before other Chicory devices can connect to your network.

Once you are going through the nearby available devices, take the chance to check if there may be other ones that might attempt to steal your personal information as well.

Block the Devices Via your ISP

Block the Devices Via your ISP

Another way to have the devices cut off from the list of nearby available devices is to contact your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, and explain the issue. Once you let them know, they can completely block the access to all the networks connecter to your service while they change your IP address.

That constitutes a complete security move, as your network will not be available for connection from these devices anymore. You will then have to go through the work of reconnecting with all the other devices of which connections you approve, but that is worth it for the sake of a safe set of connections.

Change IP Address

In the event your ISP does not perform this protocol automatically, you can always prompt them to change your IP address.

Many carriers nowadays even offer dynamic IP addresses, which means it will change every time you perform a new connection, making it more difficult for hacking devices to locate your network.

setting up a firewall and using an antivirus

Additionally, setting up a firewall and using an antivirus program should give you an extra layer of security and keep your personal information to yourself.

Apart from all that, simple tasks such as clearing your browser history, using an ad blocker, and not opening conspicuous emails should aid in keeping your computer healthy and less prone to invasions.

The Last Word

On a final note, should you have any more tips on how to enhance the security of our users’ networks and prevent devices from attempting to break-in, let us know in the comments. By doing so, you will be helping your fellow users to keep their systems safe from possible invasions.

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