Why Am I Seeing Chicony Electronics On My Network?

chicony electronics on my network
chicony electronics on my network

Even if you own a computing system, then there are still some input devices that users need to own. Some of these are essential while others help you in having a better experience. These include having a mouse, keyboard, power supply, webcams, and similar equipment.

Though, you should note that many companies manufacture them. This makes it confusing for people to select one of them for their use. In this case, it is better if you do proper research before selecting a company. This should help you in finding a brand that will provide you with the best products.

Chicony Electronics on My Network

One cheap brand that manufactures input devices for its users is the Chicony Electronics brand. They have been known for selling products to several other businesses as well. The company is considered to be one of the best among Taiwan budget users.

Though, all of these products are very weak and can get damaged easily. Aside from this, when viewing information about your network you can see which devices have established connections with it before. Many users have reported that ‘Chicony Electronics is on my network’ when looking at the information.

If this happens then the first thing that you should check is if you own any product from the brand. Usually, if you have a device that requires internet or access is that is from Chicony then this can be normal. You can easily ignore the issue and there should be no problem with it. However, if you are someone who does not own any equipment from the company then your information might be getting stolen.

What To Do?

The first thing to do in this case is to block the connection for the company from your network. You can easily do this from the networking settings so make sure that the MAC address for Chicony is banned. It is recommended that you now check all of your other devices and connections as well. Make sure that the company does not appear on another device aside from your network.

You can then contact your ISP and tell them your issue in detail. In some cases, the personal information from the user can get leaked from networks which can be dangerous. Your ISP will completely block access to all the networks connected to your service and then change your IP address. You will then be provided with a brand-new networking address that can be used.

This should be secure and you will not have the error again. If your ISP does not do this on their own then you should ask for a new IP in that case. Lastly, there are some things that you need to look out for when using your connection. These will help you in ensuring that you do not get similar problems again. These include setting up a firewall on your system and using an antivirus program. These ensure that any unsecured website or data is both blocked and deleted from your device.

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